Thursday, July 21, 2011

Etsy Favorites 7-21-11

 I am really excited...
 I got some positive feed back from last  week's post,

Etsy Favorites 

I am going to keep on keeping on.

I hope that by doing this I will promote a buying movement
that I am passionate about.

while giving props to the brave folks who choose to go for it...
 believe in themselves,
and put themselves out there.
For me it is more intimate than sex.
Sex fulfills a need
as is being creative.
sharing my work,
putting a part of me out there for others to see...
like, dislike, "favorite", follow, tweet and read,
now that is a horse of another color.

Not that any of the folks that I feature on my blog share any of my intimacy hang ups.
But in the honor of full disclosure,
I am also hoping that by showcasing some of the artists and work I admire
it may light a fire under my arrrss!
Inspire me to add some new, more authentically me... items to my own 
Etsy Shop
like the sunflower gourds...

So, keep your eyes peeled!

Here we go...
some shops that I think are worth checking out!

90 Custom Printed Soft Satin Ribbon Labels

90 Custom Printed Fabric Labels

Custom Printed Top Quality Labels

A Green Gourd Creation

Jennifer made these for me last year.
And if you do think that this is "creative"...
well, you better think again.
It takes time and vision to put the graphics together to make these labels.
I have worked with computer graphics and I can tell you
it takes a patient person with a creative eye to put it all this together.
She has many styles and fonts to choose from.
She will digitize your logo, pick one of her many prints or you can have her design one for you.

She is a very personable, professional and reliable.
I just ordered some more labels from her, for my daughters cloths.

I plan on getting some of these ribbon labels soon as well.
I know she will be ready for me.

Wheel Thrown Colander

I am so bummed out...
I LOVE this piece!
I just looked at this piece again this morning and see that it sold on Tuesday.
Oh well,
you snooze you loose.
However congratulations to both the buyer and seller.
I would have been almost to afraid to use it because it is so beautiful...
but, I sure would have given it a try.

check out MountainMudBabies shop there is so much to choose from.

PDF Pattern for Round Burlap Bucket


This is one of my all time Heroes!
I am a HUGE fan!
She is so talented, down to earth and motivated people out there that I have come across.
I don't know how she makes it all look so ...
Her blog is on the Top of my list of morning blogs to read.
And I am absolutely thrilled that she gave me her blessing to post this on my little ole blog!
If you have not checked this amazing lady out, then you need to.

She is truly and inspiration to me.
I am sure she will inspire you as well.

Woven Clog Matador

Chameleon Clogs by Rabia Hodges

Now, these little babies are too dang cute...
These clogs are made buy a local weaver here on the Outer Banks.
She is another inspiration to me.
Fearless Lady ...
Out there doing what she loves and following her own path!
Kudos Rabia



what can I say about this artist 
that will not have me blubbering and unable to finish this blog today.
I will start by saying...

Shet is probably my biggest hero,
and most importantly my 

Little Sister!  

I can not begin to tell you how absolutely proud of her I am!
She is an amazing person.
She has overcome many obsticles in life and has
rose up singing!

She is ...

a quote from my most favorite poem ever!
if you didn't get it the first time you can read it in an earlier blog...

How Do You See Things?

Recently Sold...

check out more of her work on her Etsy shop...
as well as all the other
phenomenal folks featured on my blog!


Anonymous said...

Dang sista, you totally got my tears going! Thank you so much for featuring my shop. You are definitely my inspiration & have constantly reminded me I'm worth "it"

Green Gourd Creations said...

You are worth "IT"...

please pass the tissues!

Shannon said...

What a wonderful concept ~ I'm sure that weekly features of all that you admire on Etsy will surely inspire you to become a bit more aggressive in the way you promote yourself and your craft. The reason I say this is because I have progressively become more confident in what I do simply by telling other people how well *they* are doing. We were doing stalking posts on the SSP blog (, but I've fallen pretty far behind on keeping up with them ~ will hopefully be back to it soon. Keep up the wonderful work!