Monday, July 11, 2011

A Full Week


Wednesday morning,
I spotted this baby poking up in the pond.
What a nice surprise!
We have not had a lily bloom in a couple years.
I am happy to see it return.


I have been wanting to do some painting for a while...
and finally got around to it!

Nothing grand,
just one of those "loose ends" that gets me kinda jammed up.

These sunflower gourds have been "almost done" for a while now.
All they needed was some detail work on the center.
I broke away from my "norm" on the center of my sunflowers.
I tried something a little different.

The Sunflower has been a pretty consistent piece for me.
I'm not really sure why I decided to do it different this morning,
I just did.

A Good Deed

I let Mary wake  up on her own this particular morning...
and took the quiet time for myself.

It paid off!
When Mary woke up she came outside and asked me if I had eaten breakfast?
I told her that I had not.
Then. she asked if she could make some breakfast.
I happily said,

What a treat!

Don't ask me how this white bread wanna-be made it's way into our home though...
I think it was the PBJ day Wallyworld style.
Tag team shopping.


If you are wondering what the heck this is...

I can tell you, we were wondering the same thing...
at 1:00 am
Thursday morning.

I understand now why the de-wormer wasn't working
on our "kitten".

Momma Idgy

Much to our surprise,
Idgy curled up on top of Bill and gave birth to her first kitten.

And Bill slept through the whole thing.
I had to wake him up to let him know that our Idgy had just had a baby.
His half mumbled response was...

"on top of me?"

I am sorry...
but this was just to dang funny!
Bill is a good sport though.
He gave up his side of the bed for Idgy...
and went to bring her some towels in the hopes of saving our mattress.

Then he went and took over Mary's bed and let her sleep on the sofa.
(that new sofa has sure come in handy)

As soon as these 3 babies are weened...
Idgy is off to see the vet fur-sure!

Not even 3 days old and one has already found a home.
A friend of Bill's came by to pick one out...
he couldn't choose which one it would be yet, they were just to small to tell.
I have to chuckle...
this must mean he is going to take all three?
I love MEN with cats!
He says his Main coon cat needs a friend.

I couldn't believe it...
all three of the kittens have nubby-tails.

Idgy isn't a full Manx,
she has a "nub" with a curl.

 10 years ago...
Maggie our full blooded Manx also got knocked up before we could have her fixed, had 4 kittens by a feral cat in the neighborhood.

She had 2 tailed kittens and 2 no tails.
Our 14 pound "Homie" is one of her tailed kittens.
I was reading the "Odyssey"
when Homie was born.

Homie & Maggie
(aka "Homer" and "Mag Wheels")

Thursday, I did some catching up on my blog reading.
While I was doing this, I came across something that I just need to share.

I like the idea so much that I have decided to try this myself,
thanks Jane.

Pay It Forward Gift Exchange

How does it work?
  1. I will make a little something for the first 3 people who leave a comment saying that they want to participate in the Pay It Forward Gift Exchange. 
  2. It will be a surprise and it will arrive when you least expect it....well sorta... (I' will need to contact you for your address).
  3.  I have up to 365 days complete the gift.
  4. By choosing to participate, YOU pledge to send a little handmade something to 3 readers of your blog.
  5. It doesn't have to be anything grand - just handmade.
  6. You must have a blog.
  7. Once you receive your "little something", you must post about your Pay it Forward on your blog to keep the fun going - be sure to use the Pay It Forward badge...and please only opt in of you can commit to keeping it going)

N.C. State Fairgrounds
Raleigh, North Carolina

Road Trip

Thursday night, almost all the girls from the barn spent the night at our house.
We needed to wake up EARLY
and hit the road.
Thinking that it might be easier if they were all in the same place.
I don't know if that was the best strategy.
Glenda wanted the girls to get a taste of what would be in store them next year.
She expects that all the girls will qualify
 State Level 4H competition

So we headed to Raleigh, NC.

It wasn't too bad of a trip.
Even though we only went for the day this show was a 5 day event.
Friday's classes were mostly over fence and hunt seat entries in the indoor arena.

The girls were also able to check out the consignment shop and pick up some really good deals on used tack and riding cloths.

While we were in Raleigh,
  Mary was able to experience another first...
or at least a first that she can remember.

An old fashion trip to the mall
a ride on an escalator.

Crabtree Valley Mall

I know...
my child lives a sevearly sheltered life.

On the way home from Raleigh we stopped in Williamston,
we were able to catch some of the Reining Competition
at the

It was about 7pm when we pulled into the barn.
You would think that these girls would have had enough for the day.
No way...
after a day of watching other people riding horses,
these girls wanted to mess around with their own horses...
I was ready to be put out of my misery!
It had been a LONG day.


Saturday is change over day in the cottage we clean.
Mary helps me clean this cottage to help pay for her horse
I had to wake her up at 1 o'clock.
I think she could have slept even later if I had let her.
She was cooked!

But she got up and we slipped over to the cottage, gave it a good clean...
finished up the chores at home and then took off to the barn to give
some TLC!

Sea Horses

Life's a Beach

Shhhh... don't tell Phoenix!
Mary and Misty!

Now, this is one of those times that I am sure I will get lots of sympathy...

maybe not!

As if the barn girls had not had enough...
Sunday brought a trip to Oregon Inlet.

Parking the trailers in the fishing center and then walking the horses over to the beach.
I cheated...
I 4x4ed it to the beach.

It has been a while since I went out to the Oregon Inlet Beaches,
but I didn't think things could change that much.
How wrong was I?

I don't know if it's because of all the beach closures
or if is simply the progressive population of

but for a moment, I thought I was in Dayton Beach.

Vehicles parked side by side as far as the eye could see.
People laying out between trucks.


Not at all what I was expecting.
I was definitely having a winter fantasy...
without tourist.

 Mary wanted to take her braids out that morning...
she must have had the same fantasy,
she wanted her hair flowing in the wind.

Final Touch

Honey Stain

Today I put the finishing touches on 4 of my gourds.

I gave them all silver hangers,
drain holes,
and a finishing gloss coat.

I also tried something new...

I put a stain on one of the gourds.
Not exactly the effect I was shooting for.
A lesson learned,
who knows, watch that one be the first one to sell.
Now all I need to do is get some pictures and get them posted on

my etsy shop


MadKhat said...

I'm so jealous of the trip to the beach with the horses! I'm glad the girls had so much fun this past weekend.

I think you are the only reader of my blog, but I would love to do the pay it forward thing. You make such neat stuff.

You guys want to go to the beach sometime this week?

Green Gourd Creations said...

You will have to take Sunday...

Thanks! I will love to make something for you, Jamie!

As for going to the beach, I am still recovering from the weekend trip. As much as I love the surf and sun, it really zaps me.

Maybe this weekend I will be ready to hit the beach again