Friday, September 5, 2014

Collage of Events

I came across this draft that I never got around to publishing.

So I figured...
Why not go ahead and post to really punch home exactly how long it has been since I last made an attempt to tap into my intentions of becoming a better version of ME.

April 3, 2014

I can't believe how long it's been!


 Christmas was joyfully UNEVENTFUL!

Yes, Mary Elizabeth...
there is a Santa Clause and he rides a horse.
The horse community is a tight knit group of folks.
We may be a bit on the "crazy" side but most are quick to help a cowgirl in need.

A New Year...
For my Birthday I was gifted a consolation at 
Green Comfort
Holistic Prescription:
Tincture, Fiber Blend and warm lemon water twice a day before breakfast and dinner.

It was a special gift of hope with a new path on my journey of becoming me.
When I came home from the mountains...
I cleaned out all my shelves.
All processed foods with artificial colors and preservatives were packed up and gone.

I even got Bill to give up the white and raw sugar.
He didn't care much for the Stevia but he is a fan of raw organic Agava

Once I realized that these Mason Jars fit my blender, morning smoothies with my fiber blend became a routine.

3/4 of jar fresh/frozen fruit
Enough Almond Milk to cover fruit
1 tbs. Fiber blend

And we are off to a great start to the day!

Snow on the Outer Banks,
I know... bizarre!

Obviously a lot of time has elapsed since I started this post.
And I plan to try and fill in some of the extra wide gapes as briefly
as I am capable.

However, my plan is to start a new post that focuses more on where I am at this present moment.