Thursday, September 8, 2011

Etsy Favorites 9-8-11

Hey Folks!

It is Thursday which means today is the day I post my 

Etsy Favorites

It has been a while.
Most of you already know but for those of you who do not...

I took a break from my regular posting due to an illness in the family.  
And fortunately brother Pauly is now out of eminent danger.  

However he still has a serious battle ahead of him.

It seems that I have had one calamity after another in this last month.
maybe not calamities, 
but they have been enough to seriously take me out of my comfort zone and off my "normal" routine.

These days it seems that it is always something.
So, it is time to adapt and get back to it.

I am happy to say that I have some really nice items that have been on the 
"virtual shelf" for some time now.

 I would like to share them with you now.

Custom Hoodie

I love this shop...
 re-purposed and recycled clothing!
She has so much to look at.
I chose this piece because it is custom...
and Grateful Dead paraphernalia to boot.
She will use second hand hoodies or she will use one of your own.
Then you can pick from one of her many t-shirts to customize your jacket.

I hope to purchase one of these jackets for myself soon.

New Mother Robot 
~Sweet Baby of Mine~

This is an awesome piece.
Unfortunately for us, this piece has already sold.
However she has many other wonderful pieces.
Ya'll need to check this shop out!

Eco Friendly Travel Mug

Ok, so most of you know that I have a "thing" for tea and coffee mugs...
This one has easily been added to my
I truly hope to see this one in my cupboard soon.

She really has some amazing pieces of work.
I am especially fond of her embroidered clutches.

Ya'll check her out!

Sew Zinski

Reserved Missing Pieces Stone

by knitalatte

I love her covered stones and photography!

I can not begin to tell you how much this work of art moves me.
It speaks to me in VOLUME.
I am a HUGE fan!

Grey Suri Locks


A mother daughter team!
A family farm...

Fiber Frenzy
Sierra Nevada Ranch

What else do I need to say?
These folks are a family after my own heart.

I am keeping my eyes on the horizon.

Check out their shop, they have all kinds of beautiful fiber works.

Do ya'll remember when I posted about the need for a "new" pin cushion?
Where did I look
when I went out in search of a replacement?

of course!

While on my search I ran across this...

Cactus Pin Cushion Pattern

Kookla Creations

Too funny!

This is a pdf downloadable pattern!

Again one of the reasons I love Etsy so much is the idea of sharing creativity and inspiration.
All the while promoting ethical buying practices!

I truly feel privileged to be a part of such a wonderful circle of folks.

I am also happy to share that I have been featured in an

Etsy "Treasury"

Woo Hoo!
Ya'll check it out!