Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some days are better than others!

Over the last couple weeks I have had an assortment of all kinds of days.

Rainy Days

which by the way are not always total washouts.
Rainy days are good days to catch up on schoolwork, read a good book, 
cuddle up and watch a sappy movie.
head to the barn and give your 4-legged friends some TLC!
No raindrops IN the barn.

Then I had some

Sad Days

My feline friend Idgy passed away last week.
I am not sure what happened.
She had 5 kittens 7 weeks ago and she started going outside a little more often and staying out for longer periods of time.

I didn't think much about it at first ...
I just thought that she might just be over all the kittens in the house.
(I know I am)
This was her second litter of kittens this summer.
I had just made the arrangements for all my Momma cats to get fixed.
Then she started to stay out all night and not going to her kittens to nurse right away.
She was a super Mom, so this was very out of character for her.
But about a week later she went out again only to be gone for a few days this time.
At this time we went out to get some supplemental milk to nurse the kittens.
Late' was nursing too so she was happy to help out also.
Late' is a good mom but 9 kittens is a bit much.

Well when Idgy came back she wouldn't let the kittens come near her.
Now she was refusing to eat.
We tried to feed her some of the supplement milk with a syringe but she wasn't really happy about this at all.

I was able to get some in her which probably kept her alive a little longer.
But ultimately she faded away within just a few days.
I have to tell you that I feel AWFUL!
I feel like a horrible person, not taking her to the vet.
but my gut told me that whatever was wrong with her was terminal and we couldn't afford surgery or cancer treatments.
So we made the decision to just make her as comfortable as possible.
Everyone in the house had "their" cat.
Maggie is Bill's cat, Homie is Mary's cat and ...


was MY cat...

even though Mary took her in as one of "her" peeps.

So last week she came into my bedroom to sleep at my feet like she use to always do when she was little only this time she wasn't playing with my toes.
I knew that she looked like she may not make it through the night.
(I had to have that uncomfortable conversation with Mary)
And she passed away that next morning.

Mary and I buried her by the fire pit and Mary planted flowers on her grave.
Dang it all... I am still sad!

Farewell My Sweet Friend

Rest In Peace my little Cujo Kitty!

 Cold Days

we had some seriously chilly cold days to.
We went from comfortable cool days with windows wide open to 
shut the windows, search for firewood and make some chili in the crock pot nights.

One night we even decided to put a blanket on Phoenix.
A couple hours after sun up I think poor Phoenix was wishing for a sheet instead.

Crazy Days!

Knitting Days

Well, who am I kidding...
most days are knitting days for me.
But now I have a new project.

Because I caught a bug...
and an idea...

A Cleaning Bug

And let me tell ya'll...
I don't get a cleaning bug too often.
So when I get one... I need to RUN with it!

I know that the Swiffer isn't a "New Product"
or even an Eco Friendly product ... with all it's disposable pads and toxic cleansers.
However after using one of these bad boys a time or two in a house I use to clean,
I realized how simple this made tiding up and that if I tidied up more between "cleaning"
it made the job not so intimidating.

I have never owned a Swiffer Wet Jet before
but last week I broke down and bought one and decide I would use reusable pads and refill the container with my own homemade all natural
"Almost All-Purpose Cleaner."

Can ya see it?
The reusable knitted pad?

I know...
 I could have used old cloth diapers or an old wash rag for this...
taking much less effort and time to make.
but my cleaning rags keep disappearing.
Not to mention, 
I am always looking for another excuse to KNIT!
Furthermore, I have other sewing projects going on at the moment that are giving me some

Frustrating Days

I showed off the one of these "feed bags" in my last blog that I whipped out a few weeks ago.  
But for some reason 
I am having all kinds of problems with my sewing machine on this bag.

I have had to walk away from this one bag several times.
I am having tension issues,
bobbin issues,
thread issues,
and finally needle issues... I had to change my needle a couple times ... once because I thought that was why my thread was bunching on the back, 
then I bent a needle and then I broke two!
 I only had part of one strap left not attached.

I was hoping to get several of these done in one day...
go figure,
I can't even get one finished.

Unexpected Days

You know the days...
when nothing turns out exactly like you planned.
And these days typically occur on your busiest days.

adapt or perish.
Happily for us, this day had a wonderful perk!
We were able to spend time with my nephew and brother that I don't get to see as often as I would like.

A Trip to the Pier

Mary loves her cousin...
she said "I would rather see him than be in a horse show"
Good thing for her, she didn't have to make that choice.
We could do both.

Hurricane Simulator

As if we really need to have one simulated!
But Mary enjoyed it.

Then we have days filled with ...

Clear Blue Skies

We had an absolutely beautiful day this past weekend for the Fun Show out at 
Wrangler Farms .
I made sure that Mary had sun screen on this time.  
And boy did she ever need it.

Looking Good

No Hot Sauce or Chicken Wings today!
And Phoenix didn't break gate during the Go As You Please like he so often likes to do.
It was a sight to behold.
Mary did very well during the Equitation classes, earning herself  (2) Fourth Place Ribbons and (1)  Sixth Place Ribbon.
Bill and I were so proud of both of them.

Love, Love...

Time for a Break

Mary looked on during the jumping classes, 
waiting her turn for the Hunter Pleasure WTC class.
(Which she wasn't even going to enter because of the cantering)
She didn't want to sign up for any WTC classes because she was afraid of serving up a healthy order of "Chicken Wings"
But there were no chicken wings on the menu today... she was amazing!
A 3rd Place Ribbon!
After her class she went out in the field with some of her friends
when Phoenix and another horse spooked and Mary went flying...
just like the heron in the pond that spooked the horses did. 

Let me tell ya'll
this love affair with her horse is about to give me heart failure.
But, it could always be worse.
It was almost a year ago to the day that Mary had her riding accident.
We made out pretty darn good if ya ask me.
Within just the last week we have had two girls from the barn (off premises) come off their horses, neither of which 
walked away on their own accord.  
One broke her leg and needed surgery and the other broke her collar bone.
Then there is our fearless barn manager who is sporting a turtle shell for the broken back that she received from a swift kick from a 1300 lb Warmblood while picking a stall.
So yeah, 
I feel blessed that Mary came away with only some bumps and lumps.
She was determined to get back on her horse and finish out the day.

Fun Games

The first thing that Mary did when she hobbled back to the barn was 
groom up Phoenix 
and then saddle him back up. 
Still determined to get into the ring in time and try her hand in some
Pole Bending and Barrel Racing.
Go on Cowgirl!
She didn't even place 
but I was amazed that she even got back on Phoenix after that fall.
But they actually didn't do to badly.  
They were doing pretty good till the pole on the far end
when they had to go completely around and come back.  
They took an extra WIDE turn.
But her time still wasn't too terribly bad.
I thought it was kinda funny... 
these long legged English horses out there try to do these games...
but to my surprise, it was a long legged Thoroughbred that came in First Place for the Barrel Race.

After the Barrels and Pole Bending the other Fun Games began.
Musical Stalls, Pass the Pumpkin, Ride a Buck and then the last hoo ra of the day... 

Costume Contest

Everyone walked away with a Blue Ribbon for this one!

Rag Doll and Robin Hood

Robin Hood... how appropriate for these economic times!

Ham it Up

Well, she paid for it later...
even after a hot shower and pain killers, she was still moving around like a 100 year old man.
She was hurting so bad, that she couldn't climb into her loft bed to sleep and slept on the couch.
The next day was even worse. 
She crawled into my bed and slept most of the day.

So, I took full advantage of the quite time and got my Green Gourd on.

Birdhouse Gourds

I found one of the gourds I grew stashed away in the garage and then I pulled out two of the gourds that my friend gave me and my trusty

Power Tool


Got Busy

I didn't get far when Mary woke up...
but I at least got started.
The motivation for these crafty surges is a show I have next month in Jarvisburg and that I might possibly have a table at the Fall Festival at 

Wrangler Farm

I wasn't sure that I was going to have a table at this festival...
but Wendy made a comment last week about bringing the kittens to the festival and putting them in a box by "my table."

Well now I am in a panic!
I don't know if Bill and I have enough time to get pieces put together for next months show never-mind this festival
Holy cowboy, I only have 3 more days.

But who knows maybe when I start pulling all our pieces,
we may have more than I think we do.

I know Bill has made a few horseshoe blanket bars and a birdbath.
Then there is that awesome lamp and a few other pieces he has made. 

I have a mixture of pieces as well 
from doll clothing to purses, wash rags and painted gourds.
I just looked at my etsy shop and I have 46 pieces listed and that isn't even all my pieces.
So I should stop my worrying...
I will be fine.


Now I like sweet cute kittens as much as the next person...
but enough is enough!

6 litters in one summer/fall is simply TOO MANY!
We are down to only 7 kitten now.
(4) eight weeks and 
(3) 7 weeks old.

We found homes for 2 of my favorite little kittens from Idgy's litter.
I tried really hard not to get attached or name any of these kittens but with all the issues with Idgy and having to bottle feed these babies.
I allowed myself get attached.
So my little Gizmo and her all black brother found homes.
Woo Hoo!
Now if I can just find homes for Idgy's other babies...
my heart will not be so heavy.

But you wanna know what I am NOT attached to?

This Litter-box

NONE of my adult cats use a litter box.  I trained them all to go 
OUTSIDE in the big sandbox I call a yard.
I don't like stepping on sand in my bare feet in my house... I definitely don't like stepping on kitty litter that has been kicked out of the box or tracked across the carpet.
And that smell...
Ugh, I can hardly stand it...
even with all the windows open.

Heck... half the time they don't even bother using the litter box.

I have scrubbed my carpet with my heavy duty homemade cleaner more times in the last few months than I EVER have!
This has got to stop!

One good thing that came from all this mess is the regularity of my cleaning.
I have gone from ...
Not at the top of my To Do List to ...
the very top of my List.

Thus the idea of the ...

Wet Jet

Last week I went out and bought a new mop, broom and dust pan to go along with this fancy Swiffer.
Now isn't that living the life of luxury?
It' s enough to make a girl feel all warm and fuzzy.

It is nice to feel like I am finally getting a little order back into my life.
I am taking back a little control  and my life is becoming a little more manageable.

Today was a big day for these girls...


Idgy's 3 original kittens got spayed today!

Late', Tiger and Idg Midg (aka Midget Idgy)... these are the only kittens we will be keeping.

They are home now and recovering nicely...
Tiger is still a little grumpy
and taking it out on her sisters and Late' is still being her laid back agreeable self.

But poor "Idgit"...
she is completely traumatized!
She is going to need some major Momma D loving!

Mary is going to have a FREE day Thursday...
No School.
She is going going out to the barn with a friend and her father.
I wonder what kind of crafty fun I can get into tomorrow?

Maybe I can get those gourds finished up or a bag or two?
It sure is nice to look forward to what my days will have in store instead of worry and dread.

~Life is good~

If it weren't for the bad days 
I don't know that I would fully appreciate the good days!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sometimes You Must Walk Before You Can Dance

so this post is a little late!
I wrote this, then had some computer issues and didn't get a chance to post it.
"Out of sight, out of mind"

But I guess the old saying goes...
"Better Late Than never!"


This is the reason I get out of bed every morning!

Look at that beautiful smile.


Not to long ago the mail lady dropped off a package for me
in an Amazon box.
I had just ordered several used books from Amazon and
I was a little surprised that they had arrived so quickly.

However, I was even more surprised when I opened it 
and didn't find a book at all
a DVD case with a CD inside.

My little sister had sent me a CD full of some awesome music.
It is just what the doctor ordered!

I am so blessed to have the best sister in the world!

I have to say that I forget sometimes what an important part music plays in my life.

Thank you for the reminder Ginny!

Baby Alpaca

I just finished this purse last week.
Made out of some Baby Alpaca yarn.
It is so yummy and soft.
I just need to attach a button and decide what kind of liner to put inside.
Was thinking about a Green Gourd original fabric 
or a recycled piece of fabric.
decisions, decisions?

In the Meantime

I enlisted my daughter, Mary's help 
and we started to make some hand bags from recycled horse feed sacks.
Mary washed and cut the bags, 
while I started piecing them together.
We make quite the team.

One Down...

and a whole bunch to go.

We gave this one a test run yesterday and it held up GREAT!

Babysitting Pays Well

these days.

back when I use to babysit at her age, I was lucky if I brought home $3-5 per hour.
And I was happy with the spending money to.
But this little lady was bubbling over when she came home Friday night 
sporting 2 Adult tickets to the 
1st annual Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival.
She was given the option to choose between 
the cash or tickets 
and she gladly chose the tickets.

We got there a little late but just in time to see her favorite of the day...

The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

Oh my...
Mary is officially 
"in LOVE!"

10 year old Johnny on the banjo
13 year old Robbie on the fiddle
and 14 year old Tommy on the guitar

Lawdy... these Mizzone brothers can play.

Hillbilly Gypsies

These guys were my 2nd Favorite of the show!
I would LOVE to see them again!
I especially liked that fiddle player, he had an awesome stage presence.
I loved their energy.

Nothin' Fancy

These Virginia boys had some great harmony.

Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver

Now this was the show stopper for me!

Rhonda Vincent and the Rage

Rhonda Vincent and the Rage closed the evening with one of favorite tunes...


I did forget our sunscreen, 
who would have thought we would need it in October.
 But all in all it was an AWESOME day of music 
for the whole family!

I had to sport my cane
but it was well worth the pain.

I can sometimes get a little down on where I am at the moment... 
and forget that I am exactly where I need to be.

I need to remember to simply let go and remember that
I must walk before I can dance!