Thursday, February 12, 2015


I started this post a while back...
and couldn't get around to posting it.
So I am going to do my best to wrap it up.
Then start FRESH.

Where do I start?

I can start by saying that Mary got herself some

New Glasses
and it is official, 
she has to wear glasses full-time now.  
She is farsighted and has a astigmatism that she comes by honestly.
Sorry Mary...
My mom had it, and so do I.
But, she LOVES her new "Poindexter's"

I am glad because she needs them for her...

New Classes
We traded in the homeschool curriculum for the lockers and hallways of 
Manteo High School.

After much back and forth we finally decided that it would be the best decision for 
our family
at this point in our life to travel down a new path.

Not for the choices we made 4 years ago or the one we made over the summer.

Two days after registering her for school...
she tried out for a

New Sport

I think it was a great way for her to get her feet wet before starting school.
Also it forced her to step up her exercise regiment and food choices.
 Not to mention...
 it got me out of the house for a different view and jump started a new routine for myself.

Last February we had to find a...

New Barn.

This was very scary for us at first.

But we have fallen in love with our new family at 
L & L Farms

 and have settled right in.
They built a new riding arena last spring

And few months ago we set up a full jump course.
They have taken us in as part of the family.
And we couldn't be any happier.

now I know this post has been sitting for a while.
It almost time to start my seeds for this summer's bounty.

Bill's Babies

He was so proud!
We only got three this year.
But man, where they delicious

Okay, so that is what I had in the "draft"
before the demise of first, my PC
the laptop.
All this went down just before Mary started back to school.

I am just going to say it..
This is when
my panic started to set in.

How would Mary keep up with all her classwork?
How would I know what was going on without physically going in to speak with her teachers.

Dashed also, were my illusions of getting my greengourd  going full throttle.
Heck, without a computer, tablet or even a smartphone I couldn't even start things at a snail's pace.

So, not exactly the way I imagined this new adventure to begin.
Around the same time my computers went on the fritz
my washing machine decided that it wanted human assistance to manually switch between all it's cycles.

Let me tell you, not much else is getting done while you are standing over this baby manually switching each cycle.
I am no pioneer's wife.
Hanging the wash on a clothesline is one thing
but washing everything by hand in a 5 gallon bucket without even a washboard
is for the birds!

I wish I could tell you that I just rolled with the punches
but that is not how my story unfolds.
I slipped not so comfortably back into some old unhealthy habits.
My food went Helter Skelter,
then my emotional state of mind followed.

It was as if all my fears of sending Mary back to public school were coming to fruition. 
Because just when I thought things couldn't get much worse...
Murphy's Law went into effect.

Since we opted to send Mary out of district, riding the bus is not an option.
We have to take her to school.
So you know what happened next, right?

ole Bessie broke down!
And the day after she broke down, 
Bill's motorcycle broke down.
(which is our only other form of transportation)
we had the weekend to at least get the bike running again.

So, for the next two weeks while the truck was in the shop...
Mary and Bill had some wet chilly rides to and from school and work.

I sunk even deeper into my isolation.

I am a very spiritual person
and I 
WAS aware that even though things seemed to be conspiring against us, 
God was still looking out for us!
However, the gap between my mind and spirit was as wide as the Grand Canyon.

There was and still is,
so much more going on that I won't even go into right now.

Life continued to rush by while I held my breath.
Fear and depression had taken over my life.

I am not exactly sure when or even HOW things shifted for me.
But I give thanks to God that they have.

I know that I did not just wake up one morning and discover my life was no longer mine.
It has taken years of erosion to form this landscape I call my life.
The GOOD as well as the bad.

Acceptance is key! 
I don't have to LIKE who or where I am.

Today I am moving forward
with peace
and acceptance.

I am not alone
I am 
Masterpiece in transition!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I am ...

I am slowly pulling myself out of my isolation.
I WILL be back in the sun soon!

Don't give up on me...