Thursday, December 29, 2011

12-29-2011 Etsy Favorites

It has been a very different Christmas around our house this year.
And very little business as usual has occurred.

Some of you may know that my daughter had a horseback riding accident a while back that resulted in an unexpected surgery a little over a week ago.
(she is doing very well though)
Unfortunately my blog has not exactly been at the top of my 
To-Do List.
However, I feel it is important to keep on track with my 
Thursday Etsy Favorites Post.

Readers, I do apologize!
I will get back into the swing of things.
Keep the faith.

Let's get to it!

This Thursday I am keeping with the recycled, up-cycled and re-purposed theme...
along with the festivity of  

T-Shirt and Ribbon Rug

I love it!
I seem to be attracted to items that sell quickly, this item has sold since I first put it into my "favorites".  Which is good for Celesta but not so go for me or my readers.
Luckily for us...
she has many other wonderful knitted items.
My personal favorites are her 

Coffee Cozies

Celesta is a blogger as well...

Magazine Remnant Ornaments

By WRK Designs

I think this is a great piece.
Whitney has many beautiful pieces made from paper and fabric.
From garland to earrings.

She to is a blogger...

Robot Ornament- Found Objects


Now, this piece is awesome.
And it reminds me of my nephew 
...who loves robots.

Nutzen Boltz is on vacation right now but will be back after January 15, 2012.

So, please check this shop out...
it is worth stopping by.

About the artist
Sally Colby

Horse Silhouette

Made from a broken vinyl record...
hand cut, no lasers!

I wonder what album?

All the pieces in this shop are made from recycled vinyl records they are amazing.
this horse I happened across looking for items for my daughter.

However if I were shopping for myself...
I think I would have to say
these are tops for me

Tea Time

45 RPM Adapter

Vintage Patchwork Jeans

this item is SOLD!
However I am happy to say...

Jean has another pair.
Size 9

I wish...
actually she has several pairs along with skirts, aprons and hats.
I love them all!

By Hippie House Designs

Unfortunately none of them will fit me...
but thanks to Hippy House Designs, 
I finally ...
know what I can do with those 
Pre-pregnancy jeans I just couldn't throw away.
After 11 years you would think I would have let them go, huh?

Oh well...
time to move forward and into a 

Our first ever giveaway is still going on so be sure to leave a comment to enter and win... 
You have until 
midnight on January 5, 2012
all you have to do is leave a comment on either
my Facebook page
on the Giveaway thread

or my
12-22-2011 Etsy Favorite Giveaway Post

Your comments don't have to be anything special... although it can be.
You can simply write...

"pick me"


"love the favs"

"I'm an Etsy fan"

anything will count as an entry.

Come on folks...
lets get some more entries.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

12-22-2011 Etsy Favorites & Giveaway


Well folks,
I have to tell you that it has been quite a whirl wind around here this past week.

So I must apologize now if today's post is 
a little slim.

I have selected many wonderful handcrafted items
to feature today
however I am limited on the time I have to talk about them.

My 11 year old daughter had surgery two days ago
and she can not get around on her own.
A friend dropped off a care package for her last night
so she might be occupied long enough for me to put a few words together today.

Recycled Material Bird Feeder

This one has actually already sold.
But there is another one ...
in Green.

by Sage Studios

Hat Rack & Horseshoe Shelf

My husband makes horseshoe racks also...but not like this one.
I love the added detail.

Boiled Wool Bodice Sweater Coat

I know I featured a coat very similar to this not too long ago.
That one was made 
all the way over on the Emerald Isle.

However this beautiful, whimsical creation was made 
right around the corner from me in
Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Felted Sweater Blanket

By: Ellalu and BooBoo Too

I absolutely LOVE this...
I would like to wrap my baby girl up in this and make her feel all better!
It just looks like it has that kinda of mojo.

Now last but certainly not least...

It is time for our
First Ever
Green Gourd Giveaway
a pair of these
Upcycled Arm Warmers

will be given away to one of our lucky readers.

These eco-friendly arm warmers are made for up-cycled and re-purposed socks.
Each of these warmers are very different.
They all are made with at least 2 different pairs of socks.
The thumb holes have been surged and have bands both at the bottom and top to keep them in place.

By: Sew4munchkins

All you have to do is leave a comment to enter and win a pair of these
eco-friendly up-cycled arm warms
from Sew4munchkins.

The contest will be open till midnight on January 5, 2012.

You may leave a comment on this post or on my Facebook page under
this contest blog post.
At the end of the contest, I will randomly pick a winner from all the entries.
Then announce a  winner.
Thank you to Audrey and Tracey
a mother daughter team
that has generously offered a pair of these arm warmers for this giveaway.
Sew4munchkins has many interesting items like hair clips, hats, jackets and much more
so please check their shop out.

I have only chosen one item to feature from each of these Etsy shops
but they all have may things to choose from.
Please take a look at all the wonderful pieces they have to offer.


We have a Winner
Judy A Curry
of  Grandy, North Carolina

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


From This...

October 21, 2011

To This...

December 14, 2011

It has been a long journey...

Last Friday we went in for Mary's weekly check up...
her doctor decided it was time to call in the 

He called a specialist to set up a consult.
The appointment was in Norfolk, Va. 
for Monday afternoon.
that was fast, after 2 months.

Mary, a friend of her's and I packed up Monday morning and headed to Virginia.

So next thing I know...
we are on the schedule for a surgery the very NEXT morning.

We were up yesterday at 5:30am and ...

Ready to Roll

She was very nervous with LOTS of questions.
I told her to write them down...
and ask her doctors ALL the questions she needed to.
Soo... she did.  
And I have to tell you, those doctors and nurses were fantastic.
They were patient and happily answered EVERY question and then some.

Are You Sure?


"She was right, Mom ...
It was so bad when it is numb!"

Ok, this isn't her first rodeo...
However, all her other IV's were done after anesthesia
when she was so sick that she wasn't fully conscious

This poor kid has been through more in her decade of life,
than I have in my almost half a century.


It doesn't take much to excite this child.
After her ga-zillion questions to the anesthesiologist 
he gave this "Kool" gadget to her to play with.  
It is a heater and air conditioner that pumps the air into her gown... 
this really blew her gown up.  

Off to the OR

She asks...
so when are you going to give me the "smiling medicine"
her nurse says...
"We already have."


See you in a little while Sweetie!

After a 2 hour surgery
and several hours in recovery, she is sent home to heal.
They don't fool around and keep ya
in a stuffy hospital...
with a bunch of sick people.
It is homeward bound.
Which was fine with us... she was happy to be home.

I am A O K!

She spent the majority of the day in bed 
and just came out to the living room briefly for a change of scenery.

Donor Site

After deriding her leg...
a skin graph was put over the wound and then a wound vac attached over the graph.

Wound Vac

This is a portable re-chargeable wound vac that keeps a constant suction on the wound.
This should aid in the healing of her leg.

They had to cut into part of her leg where her leg had already started closing up.
(the elongated part of the sponge, above)
The surgeon stitched her back up and said that it will look fine with an even smaller scar than we originally expected.
To Mary's dismay...
it won't be the butterfly shaped scar she though she would have.
My head is still spinning and I am still a little dazed by how quickly this surgery came about.
But, I am happy that my baby is finally 
on the "speedway" to recovery.

And after all this...
guess what she wanted to do on our way home?


She wanted to stop in to see her 


It's true love...
So I told her we could do a QUICK drive by...
(gotta get her home before the pain meds start wearing off)
she could see him from the back seat.

And we were crossing over the bridge as the sun was setting.
It was a beauty!

I am sure it won't be long before she is back in the saddle.
Unfortunately her surgeon isn't as optimistic as she is...
 with how quickly she will be playing basketball or riding her horse again.

Never under estimate the power of the love between a girl and her horse...
even after he steps on you twice!

Please send all your love and prayers to my daughter for a speedy recovery.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

12-15-2011 Etsy Favorites

It is Thursday ...
which means
it is time for
 My Etsy Favorites Post
where I feature some of the folks and thier work from my 


If you have been following me 
you may
notice a consistent trend.
I love all things 
recycled, refurbishedreused
and salvaged
My taste ranges from the simplistic to the lavish.
And I am constantly amazed by the creativity and imagination 
I come across on 
These artists keep me inspired.

Arm Warmers/ Fingerless gloves

I love this...
once discarded sweaters
now ... a new life
a new purpose.
Both my daughter and I love these.

Not only are they functional but they are stylish as well.

Recycled Eco Wedding Gown

Handmade in France

Did you know that one man's trash could end up 
this elegant?
Sorry, I don't mean to imply that this fabric came from the trash...
just me attempting to be witty.
But you see...
no matter what you call it

It is smart and in fashion!

Salvaged Wood and Coffee Sack Ottoman

These pieces are fantastic.
I love the salvaged wood and it is a double bonus with the coffee sacks.
I am a 
coffee connoisseur!
(Fair Trade of course)
These ottomans make me feel all warm and cozy inside.
They would look great in 
any living room 
or studio.

Recycled Fiber Scarf

Now, those of you who follow me...
know that I am a sucker for 
the fiber.

I personally am a knitter,
but this crocheted scarf is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
And YES...
repurposed fiber.

I LOVE it.

A little FYI...
I knit not because I don't like to crochet ...
but because I have not
mastered the art of crocheting yet... 
so if any fellow crafters out there 
would like to share any pointers with me, 
and the rest of my readers...
I would love to hear them.

Recycled Wool Plush Bear

by Teacher Creatures

Look at this cuddly fella!
Hector is his name and hugs are his game!
How yummy is this guy...
old sweater material given
a new place in the world.

This would make any young child happy 
and those of us 
who are young at heart.

Please check out all these creative and talented folks on Etsy.
I have added links to all the photos 
that will take you directly to their items for sale 
and I gave you one to 
each of their online Etsy shops
so you can see more of 
the wonderful work these artist have to offer.

I am a firm believer in ethical buying.
So, if you are new to Etsy...
it is a wonderful platform to buy directly from the artist.


Next week on my Etsy Favorites Post
I will be having my very first
We will be giving away an item from one 0f my featured artist.
I am excited!

All you will need to do 
to enter
leave a comment 
either on my Blog
or my Green Gourd Creations Facebook page
and you will be entered to win.
The contest will be open for 2 weeks when a winner will be randomly chosen.

So be sure to check back
  enter and win.

don't forget to
become a "Follower" of my blog 
a fan of my Facebook page.

Just because today...
all the items featured are 
recycled, repurposed or salvaged doesn't mean 
I only feature these kinds of items.
I love all things 
So stop back in and see what I have going on
and what new inspirations I have

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hump Day

it's beginning to "FEEL" a lot like Christmas 

Stockings are Hung

... near the wood-stove with care.

This Christmas stocking, I made for Bill a few years ago.
It seemed a bit more appropriate than
the old red and white one he had been using.
It's nothing real fancy.
Just to the point.

Tree Trimmings

Mary, Bill and I made it an "event" of trimming that cedar tree out back.
Then Mary helped me to trim it up even more 
for garland and swags.

O Tannenbaum

There is a first for everything!
My ba humbug husband
put these up.
He moaned and groaned about putting the lights up.
(It is usually my job)
But, he did it.
He put the lights on the porch ...
which is our 
usually order of business.
Then I asked him if he would 
put some in our wonderful old 
Live Oak Tree.
He was none to pleased by this request.
However, he surprised me and did it.
He got so carried away that he ended up stealing the lights from the porch and used them on the Live Oak.
He was super bummed when the longest limb on the tree
didn't light up.
(He hasn't given up on them yet)

I was so surprised to see it all lit up!

I love it!

Smells like...

Team Spirit

I finally got it finished.
The scarf I was making for my dad with his college VMI colors.
(I sure hope he doesn't read my blog)
I just might actually get a gift in the mail by Christmas.

Angel Tree

A Star Upon Thar

I managed to get our last etsy pieces listed today.
I have reached 
 the goal I set for myself.
To get all my Christmas inventory listed online 
BEFORE Christmas.

Now, it is time to...

Get My Craft On!

Merry Christmas

If I wasn't already happy ...
I am really happy now.  My neighbors over at Davco Electric
finally decided it was time to
put that fence back up that has been down since 
Hurricane Irene.

However, they took a saw 
to the Wisteria that I brought over from Bill's grandmother's home
as a cutting.
My daughter was getting upset for me.
But what I told her was ...
"It doesn't matter Mary,
the fence 
is back up!"

Why now I wonder?


it was the power of the Grinch.

Last week, I gave it one more try.  I walked next door once more
only to find an older woman there...
could this be Mom?

I don't know but she seemed like she was.
I told her how I had been over twice before asking nicely about the fence.
Only to be treated disrespectfully.
After some tit for tat
and my quoting of the zoning codes .
I told her
I wasn't going to ask again...
I had tried to be civil about this
but if the fence was not back up by Christmas I was going to the town.

And then on my way out I said...

"oh, by the way... this is for you.
Merry Christmas"

It was one of my Grinchish Gourd Ornaments.

Then I walked back home.


The next photos are 
NOT for the faint of heart or weak of stomach!

Operation Mary MD.

 a little
Wound Debridement

She wanted me to do it for her...
no way!
Then she asked if she could.

Since her doctor felt that my husband or I could do this
I didn't see why Mary couldn't give it a try.
It is her leg
and she is the one who knows how much pain she can stand.

Which by the way
there was no pain... so says Mary.

I watched over her like a hawk... making sure she didn't go over board.

This process should have started a long time ago.
believe it or now...
her wound IS starting to look better.
Once all this necrotic tissue is out...
the healing of her leg will go much faster with less possibility of infection.
(I hope!)

And to make us all look like wimps...

check it out, leg wound and all!

Cowgirl Up

Second time ever jumping.

Way to go baby!