Thursday, December 15, 2011

12-15-2011 Etsy Favorites

It is Thursday ...
which means
it is time for
 My Etsy Favorites Post
where I feature some of the folks and thier work from my 


If you have been following me 
you may
notice a consistent trend.
I love all things 
recycled, refurbishedreused
and salvaged
My taste ranges from the simplistic to the lavish.
And I am constantly amazed by the creativity and imagination 
I come across on 
These artists keep me inspired.

Arm Warmers/ Fingerless gloves

I love this...
once discarded sweaters
now ... a new life
a new purpose.
Both my daughter and I love these.

Not only are they functional but they are stylish as well.

Recycled Eco Wedding Gown

Handmade in France

Did you know that one man's trash could end up 
this elegant?
Sorry, I don't mean to imply that this fabric came from the trash...
just me attempting to be witty.
But you see...
no matter what you call it

It is smart and in fashion!

Salvaged Wood and Coffee Sack Ottoman

These pieces are fantastic.
I love the salvaged wood and it is a double bonus with the coffee sacks.
I am a 
coffee connoisseur!
(Fair Trade of course)
These ottomans make me feel all warm and cozy inside.
They would look great in 
any living room 
or studio.

Recycled Fiber Scarf

Now, those of you who follow me...
know that I am a sucker for 
the fiber.

I personally am a knitter,
but this crocheted scarf is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
And YES...
repurposed fiber.

I LOVE it.

A little FYI...
I knit not because I don't like to crochet ...
but because I have not
mastered the art of crocheting yet... 
so if any fellow crafters out there 
would like to share any pointers with me, 
and the rest of my readers...
I would love to hear them.

Recycled Wool Plush Bear

by Teacher Creatures

Look at this cuddly fella!
Hector is his name and hugs are his game!
How yummy is this guy...
old sweater material given
a new place in the world.

This would make any young child happy 
and those of us 
who are young at heart.

Please check out all these creative and talented folks on Etsy.
I have added links to all the photos 
that will take you directly to their items for sale 
and I gave you one to 
each of their online Etsy shops
so you can see more of 
the wonderful work these artist have to offer.

I am a firm believer in ethical buying.
So, if you are new to Etsy...
it is a wonderful platform to buy directly from the artist.


Next week on my Etsy Favorites Post
I will be having my very first
We will be giving away an item from one 0f my featured artist.
I am excited!

All you will need to do 
to enter
leave a comment 
either on my Blog
or my Green Gourd Creations Facebook page
and you will be entered to win.
The contest will be open for 2 weeks when a winner will be randomly chosen.

So be sure to check back
  enter and win.

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Just because today...
all the items featured are 
recycled, repurposed or salvaged doesn't mean 
I only feature these kinds of items.
I love all things 
So stop back in and see what I have going on
and what new inspirations I have

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