Friday, December 2, 2011

Woop Woop

I started this post a few weeks ago...

Sunflower Birdhouse

Too Funny!
I don't know if anyone remembers when I 
finished this birdhouse this summer. 
It took me forever to get it completed. 
I made three at the same time but I only gave one of them 
a "honey stain".  
Does anyone remember?
I do... this was a journey of it's own.
Anyway... I didn't like it.
However, I remember saying in an post in July, that it would probably be the first of the three gourds to sell.

"Today I put the finishing touches on 4 of my gourds.

I gave them all silver hangers,
drain holes,
and a finishing gloss coat.

I also tried something new...

I put a stain on one of the gourds.
Not exactly the effect I was shooting for.
A lesson learned,
who knows, watch that one be the first one to sell."

Go figure.

It sold!

If you want a recap... check out the link below.
July 11, 2011 Post

I couldn't have had a sale at a better time...
I was having a meltdown moment in the bedroom.
One of those child induced lay down and be quiet and still moments.

And something prompted me to get up and go online.
Well as soon as I turned on my computer it went straight to my email. 
I had 3 responses from some of the folks that I had featured in an Etsy Favorites post which made me feel really good.

And Wa La...

This made me feel even better.

I will have it packed and shipped by the end of the day.


Ok, folks...

Like I said at the top of the blog,
I started this post a few weeks ago with good intention.

I was so excited about the sale of this Sunflower Birdhouse 
I wanted to get the ball rolling on a post.

However,  I lost my forward motion!

The next morning...
I began taking some photos to finish up the post.


Looking for Some Clarity


What happened to my focus?

No details...
no clarity!

and it's


Seriously out of 3 cameras not one can give me a clear picture.
Thank God,
I still have my 35mm film camera.

It usually takes me a while to actually develop the film and even longer to get them into a photo album.  But at least they are there...

Luckily for me...
there were others who had functioning cameras and were thoughtful enough to include Mary in their memory keeping & sharing.

There it is!

This was only her 2nd show ever.
Her first show was in the spring and she was a serious 

Lead-line and assisted lead-line, 
 a halter 
and showmanship class. 

She put in a lot of hard work and time between then and now.
And it paid off.

Even after the riding injury she was ready to go!

To bad my camera wasn't.

Gearing Up for Christmas

I was motivated...
I had already pulled all my Christmas gourd ornaments out to start taking new individual shots of each ornament.
The ones I took last year... vanished with the hard drive on my laptop.
I asked my daughter to borrow her American Girl doll to model my hat & scarf sets and pulled them out ready for a 
"photo shoot"

I wanted to get everything listed on my Etsy shop before 
Black Friday 
and Cyber Monday

and blam...

The focus on my camera was 

Wow... I gotta tell ya
I was already struggling to get myself back into a creative groove.

This really took the wind out of my sails.

It felt like a domino effect...
all sorts of things started happening and my knee jerk reaction was to 

I kept the machine running for everyone else...
without pep in my step...
but running all the same.

Why is it that when things start to turn south...
it becomes virtually impossible to take care of my well being?

And that is what this blog is about...
and for me.

(I know that may sound a bit narcissistic but that is what the intention of this blog is)

If others find inspiration and joy from reading my blog that is absolutely humbling to me,
however first and foremost...
this blog is for my personal benefit to keep me on a positive and creative path.

And just like faith and spirituality my inspiration can only grow unless it is shared.

yesterday was the first day of Basketball practice.
I was going to stay home and fix dinner.
But Mary asked if we BOTH 
would come with her.

I am so glad I did!

I am inspired!

Once again...
 I am reminded of the importance of sharing.

Thank You 
Ashley & Susan,
two of the strongest,
and loving mothers I know!

We are not alone in this journey!


faithshere4u2c said...

We both love you and I am sooooo glad you have not only finished your old post but found enough "juice" to create a new;)

Green Gourd Creations said...

Thank you Ashley! And thanks to your overwhelming generosity, I have clarity!