Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hump Day

it's beginning to "FEEL" a lot like Christmas 

Stockings are Hung

... near the wood-stove with care.

This Christmas stocking, I made for Bill a few years ago.
It seemed a bit more appropriate than
the old red and white one he had been using.
It's nothing real fancy.
Just to the point.

Tree Trimmings

Mary, Bill and I made it an "event" of trimming that cedar tree out back.
Then Mary helped me to trim it up even more 
for garland and swags.

O Tannenbaum

There is a first for everything!
My ba humbug husband
put these up.
He moaned and groaned about putting the lights up.
(It is usually my job)
But, he did it.
He put the lights on the porch ...
which is our 
usually order of business.
Then I asked him if he would 
put some in our wonderful old 
Live Oak Tree.
He was none to pleased by this request.
However, he surprised me and did it.
He got so carried away that he ended up stealing the lights from the porch and used them on the Live Oak.
He was super bummed when the longest limb on the tree
didn't light up.
(He hasn't given up on them yet)

I was so surprised to see it all lit up!

I love it!

Smells like...

Team Spirit

I finally got it finished.
The scarf I was making for my dad with his college VMI colors.
(I sure hope he doesn't read my blog)
I just might actually get a gift in the mail by Christmas.

Angel Tree

A Star Upon Thar

I managed to get our last etsy pieces listed today.
I have reached 
 the goal I set for myself.
To get all my Christmas inventory listed online 
BEFORE Christmas.

Now, it is time to...

Get My Craft On!

Merry Christmas

If I wasn't already happy ...
I am really happy now.  My neighbors over at Davco Electric
finally decided it was time to
put that fence back up that has been down since 
Hurricane Irene.

However, they took a saw 
to the Wisteria that I brought over from Bill's grandmother's home
as a cutting.
My daughter was getting upset for me.
But what I told her was ...
"It doesn't matter Mary,
the fence 
is back up!"

Why now I wonder?


it was the power of the Grinch.

Last week, I gave it one more try.  I walked next door once more
only to find an older woman there...
could this be Mom?

I don't know but she seemed like she was.
I told her how I had been over twice before asking nicely about the fence.
Only to be treated disrespectfully.
After some tit for tat
and my quoting of the zoning codes .
I told her
I wasn't going to ask again...
I had tried to be civil about this
but if the fence was not back up by Christmas I was going to the town.

And then on my way out I said...

"oh, by the way... this is for you.
Merry Christmas"

It was one of my Grinchish Gourd Ornaments.

Then I walked back home.


The next photos are 
NOT for the faint of heart or weak of stomach!

Operation Mary MD.

 a little
Wound Debridement

She wanted me to do it for her...
no way!
Then she asked if she could.

Since her doctor felt that my husband or I could do this
I didn't see why Mary couldn't give it a try.
It is her leg
and she is the one who knows how much pain she can stand.

Which by the way
there was no pain... so says Mary.

I watched over her like a hawk... making sure she didn't go over board.

This process should have started a long time ago.
believe it or now...
her wound IS starting to look better.
Once all this necrotic tissue is out...
the healing of her leg will go much faster with less possibility of infection.
(I hope!)

And to make us all look like wimps...

check it out, leg wound and all!

Cowgirl Up

Second time ever jumping.

Way to go baby!


Judy C said...

Think i'm starting to believe in the power of the Grinch ") Mary's leg is looking good !!! Way to go Dr. Mary. Cowgirl Up !!

Green Gourd Creations said...


Thank ya judy!