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From This...

October 21, 2011

To This...

December 14, 2011

It has been a long journey...

Last Friday we went in for Mary's weekly check up...
her doctor decided it was time to call in the 

He called a specialist to set up a consult.
The appointment was in Norfolk, Va. 
for Monday afternoon.
that was fast, after 2 months.

Mary, a friend of her's and I packed up Monday morning and headed to Virginia.

So next thing I know...
we are on the schedule for a surgery the very NEXT morning.

We were up yesterday at 5:30am and ...

Ready to Roll

She was very nervous with LOTS of questions.
I told her to write them down...
and ask her doctors ALL the questions she needed to.
Soo... she did.  
And I have to tell you, those doctors and nurses were fantastic.
They were patient and happily answered EVERY question and then some.

Are You Sure?


"She was right, Mom ...
It was so bad when it is numb!"

Ok, this isn't her first rodeo...
However, all her other IV's were done after anesthesia
when she was so sick that she wasn't fully conscious

This poor kid has been through more in her decade of life,
than I have in my almost half a century.


It doesn't take much to excite this child.
After her ga-zillion questions to the anesthesiologist 
he gave this "Kool" gadget to her to play with.  
It is a heater and air conditioner that pumps the air into her gown... 
this really blew her gown up.  

Off to the OR

She asks...
so when are you going to give me the "smiling medicine"
her nurse says...
"We already have."


See you in a little while Sweetie!

After a 2 hour surgery
and several hours in recovery, she is sent home to heal.
They don't fool around and keep ya
in a stuffy hospital...
with a bunch of sick people.
It is homeward bound.
Which was fine with us... she was happy to be home.

I am A O K!

She spent the majority of the day in bed 
and just came out to the living room briefly for a change of scenery.

Donor Site

After deriding her leg...
a skin graph was put over the wound and then a wound vac attached over the graph.

Wound Vac

This is a portable re-chargeable wound vac that keeps a constant suction on the wound.
This should aid in the healing of her leg.

They had to cut into part of her leg where her leg had already started closing up.
(the elongated part of the sponge, above)
The surgeon stitched her back up and said that it will look fine with an even smaller scar than we originally expected.
To Mary's dismay...
it won't be the butterfly shaped scar she though she would have.
My head is still spinning and I am still a little dazed by how quickly this surgery came about.
But, I am happy that my baby is finally 
on the "speedway" to recovery.

And after all this...
guess what she wanted to do on our way home?


She wanted to stop in to see her 


It's true love...
So I told her we could do a QUICK drive by...
(gotta get her home before the pain meds start wearing off)
she could see him from the back seat.

And we were crossing over the bridge as the sun was setting.
It was a beauty!

I am sure it won't be long before she is back in the saddle.
Unfortunately her surgeon isn't as optimistic as she is...
 with how quickly she will be playing basketball or riding her horse again.

Never under estimate the power of the love between a girl and her horse...
even after he steps on you twice!

Please send all your love and prayers to my daughter for a speedy recovery.

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