Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Leg Up

Mary & Phoenix

Round Pen

OK, for those of you who don't know the story.
This is how it goes...

About 7 weeks ago 
Mary was taking a lesson 
& doing some round pen work with Phoenix.
(Jaylan and Jericho were there to)
They worked on many things 
and at the end of the lesson they started doing some canter work.
Mary was having a little bit of  trouble 
keeping Phoenix going in a canter
keeping her feet in the stirrups.
(Phoenix's transitions aren't too smooth & Mary's balance not so great)
She was trying to keep balanced 
and "keep riding" 
(opposed to stopping the horse and putting her foot back in the stirrup)
It wasn't really working to well for her.

She was looking just a little odd hanging on one side of the horse
when ...
her instructor asked
"Mary, what are you doing?"

Mary responds...
"I'm trying to..."
Over the opposite side of the horse
into the fence rail
and bouncing back under Phoenix, Mary went.

It appeared that Phoenix tried to miss her
but Mary's instinct
 was to try and 
get small.

Well, Phoenix first stepped on her with his front hoof
and then again with his back.
Now remember he is moving at a canter.
It gives me shivers 
just thinking about it again.

Those first few moments, I got to tell you were terrifying.
She was face down screaming...
"he got me"
All I could think 
"He has stepped on her back"
the tears are welling up as I type this.

By the grace of God...
he didn't step on her back it was her left inside calf.

The same time Mary was coming off the horse
Judy was pulling up to the barn.
Judy just so happens to be a paramedic.
She got to Mary before I was out of the truck, 
and quickly 
assessed the situation.
Thanks to God
because I don't believe in coincidence! 
We all scooped her up...
and off we went.
It was the longest trip to the medical center I have ever had.

Her riding buddy, Jaylan
stayed by her side the whole time!

After a bunch of x-rays and a full examination 
it was determined that there were
NO fractures
just a really bad crush wound.

It was crutches and pain management for the next week.

And follow up with her Pediatrician.

Day 2

You can see the necrosis starting to setting in.
But this didn't stop Mary.
The day after her accident, she was back at the barn
wanting to make sure 
Phoenix was alright.  She didn't want him to 
"feel guilty."
She wanted to get back on her horse.
I had to put my foot down
"No Way"!

Wow... then came the water works.
I told her if she could stand on her leg long enough to groom Phoenix
and do her regular barn chores 
then "MAYBE"
I would let her ride little Miss Heidi Pickles.
You would have to put a stick of dynamite 
under Heidi's tail 
just to give you an extended walk.
the key word was
I didn't think Mary could pull it off.
How WRONG was I.

So on day two...
Mary is right back up on the back of a horse.
She can't walk
she can RIDE!

Day 7 

Ok, she is walking a little bit...
but it is starting to look 
pretty BAD!

It got even worse than this...
So, we were back in to the see the Dr.
more x-rays
and a round of antibiotics.
Silver Sulfadiazine.

What the 
Dr. Ordered

Apply twice a day for 7-14 days as prescribed.
Well, we did this for 2 weeks.
And it started to look a little better.

It's Not So Bad

Yeah, well it isn't looking GREAT either!

Are You Sure?

Yes, I am sure!
What now?
We head back to the doctors office.
We are starting to get some VIP treatment from the Pediatrician's office now.
Two doctors at once.
I tell them that I am starting to get a little concerned.
A friend, who is a nurse
thinks she needs to see a wound specialist 
and that the wound needs 
to be derided.

One doc agreed with me and and thought they should send us to see a general surgeon
at Outer Banks Hospital.
(the same surgeon who botched my brothers collapsed lung)
I wasn't real crazy about this idea.
I think I would much rather go to CHKD for a second opinion.

The Sr. doctor thought that we needed another route
to start another round of antibiotics 
and continue the Silver Sulfadiazine Cream.
He also wanted us to start soaking her leg, often.
I guess 
to soften the necrotic area of the wound.
Then come back in
a week.


Logically, I know this is 
But, I gotta tell you...
this is my baby
and I don't like the looks of this
not one bit!
Next week this wound will be 2 months old.


She took her leg out to eat dinner
and it aired out a little to much.
This defeats the purpose of soaking the leg just a little.

Time to soak again.

Wrap It Up

and ready to go!

This is our regiment...
clean, soak, apply cream & wrap.

Every morning and every evening.

So, we are once again 
we are
wrapped and ready to go.
What interesting things will this day bring?

As bad as this looks...

Mary hasn't skipped a beat though.
She still does all the things she would normally do.

Ride a horse and a bike
Play basketball
Goof around and play with friends

With only an occasional complaint of pain.

As she says...

"Are you going to just sit there and bleed ...
like a cowboy 
are you going to cowgirl up?"

That's my girl!

But she is 
and I want this thing gone.

We know she is going to have a scar,
that we can live with
it is the other
complications that I am worried about.

Infection or permanent nerve & muscle damage.

This kid is crazy about sports
she needs all
the muscles she has! 

I am sure 
she will be fine.
We love her pediatricians.
However, when it comes to the well-being of my child
I am always going to go be the annoying parent.
She's my Baby!

So, keep her in your prayers and hope for a speedy recovery.

Guess where we are going now?

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