Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A New Week

Morning Music            


I woke up this morning early and did a little surfin...

online surfin that is.

I found myself on Youtube, 
looking for some help with my grandmother's sewing machine.

I tried using it a few times just after bringing it home, 
with no luck at all.
I couldn't even thread it.
I was beginning to think that the machine didn't work.

so with some help from...


... my morning was off to a running start!

I quietly asked for some assistance from my grandmother as I began my morning adventure.

The music in the background

Für Elise

or as Mary use to say ...
"for Alice"

is something that my mother use to play all the time 
this was the extra push I needed this morning.

And for any new readers...
both my mother and grandmother have both passed away.

Mom 1989
Meema 2009

Go-Go Godmama

Check out da little ditch digger on the left
& No that isn't me beside her.

Last week I went out to see my girl Neva play!
2 nights in a row at that.

I do NOT get out much and almost never go out to a club,

But twice a year I make an exception.
It is never disappointing.
Even if I do have to take a nap, put on a pot of coffee before heading out 
and then pay for it dearly 
for the next several 

I can't even imagine if I still drank.
I am just happy that they don't allow cigarette smoking in the bars anymore, I feel so much better after a night out without sucking in all that second hand smoke.
Sorry smokers.
This coming from an ex-smoker!
~8 years quit~

However, my joints are still sore... from all that dancing.

Yikes, where's my glucoseamine... I better restock.
Getting old is painful.

Mary, the bass player is my daughter's Godmomma, so I took her with me the second night.
Guess I won't be winning any Mother of the year awards for that one.
But, she gets a BIG kick out of it.
It was the icing on the cake for her to go out to see them play.
(even though she doesn't like cake).
She got to hang out on the beach with her Godmomma 
(after doing a full days wort of school work),
then go to a radio station and sit in   
while one of her favorite DJs
from Beach 104

 interviewed her Godmomma and the rest of the gang from 
Southern Culture on the Skids.

although the interview was on 99.1 The Sound?
Don't ask me...
that's the Outer Banks for ya.

She felt like a Rockstar!

 So to top it off she got to do a few solo Go-Go moves...
to one of her favorite songs...

Daddy was a Preacher and Mama was a Go-Go Girl
and then
  Banana Pudding

she got to dance to many other songs with some help from a few other go go groupies.
It was a fun filled day.

Somehow I was able to drag my weary bones out of bed the days followin my late night escapades... 
do some school work,
clean two cottages 
and then make a few trips out to the barn to see our man Phoenix.

We even brought our own...

"Hay" Man

I don't think Bill was expecting this one at the end of his day.
But, when it was all said and done, he was quiet pleased with himself.
I knew there was some country in him somewhere...
we need to get him prepared for when we make our run fer the hills!

Oh man was Phoenix happy to see/smell him after that...

Meema's White Rotary

The cup is one of her's as well.

Ready Set Sew...

Knee Pedal

This is going to take a little getting use to.
But, I love it!
This baby is smooth.

I feel a little sad retiring the Morse, "Green Machine".
I will get over it.

It has been with me for a long time and I won't be putting her out on the trash heap any time in the near future.

Something fer Me

Those dogs better stay away from this!


MadKhat said...

I hate that I missed the shows! It looked like a lot of fun.

That is a really neat sewing machine. My mom used to have one like that, she got it at an antique auction though. I need to figure out where it is!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a nite!! We had a really good time and we both paid for it the next day, we are NOT as young as we used to be!! Great to see you & Mary!! Thanks for sharing...just glad to see that I wasn't too bad!! Scott keeps telling me all kinds of things that I was doing!! Great!! You are so talented, Roxie still like to get out her quilt that you made her, and she says "mama this is a really cool blanket, it's sooo pretty!!" - Monica