Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

Seeing to Sew

Look at what my daughter came home with the other day.
She took a little trip to the store with her Dad.
I suppose he made a stop by the Dollar Tree,
so much for ethical buying.
I guess it hasn't trickled to far down hill yet.
I am still working on them.

However, I have to say that I was rather tickled by her style choice for me!

A Shout Out

Remember the super cool Hermit Crab Dude?

Sandee saw my post and gave me a really nice shout out on her blog.

Ya'll check it out now, ya hear!


I am sooo... proud!
One of my daughter's friends asked me to show her how to knit, not to long ago.
I gave her a set of needles and some yarn for her birthday back in December.
(She is 10)
This isn't the yarn I gave her for her Birthday but, I did give her this after she became completely frustrated by all the tangles in her b-day yarn.

It wasn't a whole skain...
just enough to keep her busy for a while
or so I thought.

She asked me if I had anymore of that kind of yarn and I told her that I did.
Unfortunately it was very tangled and I had not untangled it yet.
(it was one of the many skains that my dogs had terrorized)
I gave it to her and she started knitting with it before untangling it.

Well, she started getting frustrated again
"I can't do it!"

I told her... 
"Yes you can!
getting out the knots is part of knitting and she could do it, it would just take some time and patience."

Wa la...

She did it!
She was so thrilled with her self.  And she got back to knitting right away.
Next thing I know,
 she is asking me to show her how to "cast off"... 

With fringe and all.

Young Knitters

She was so excited about finishing her first scarf, she wanted to start a hat...
unfortunately I only have one set of circular needles to make a hat at the moment.  So she opted for a washcloth.

For now, the only kind of needles I can keep around the house are the metal one which I really don't care for.
I am more partial to the bamboo needles.
Unfortunately so are my dogs.
One of these days they will outgrow this need to chew everything in sight.

This is my daughter with her knitting project.
She hasn't got the bug like some of her friends do, 
she will do it if one of her friends asks her to knit with them.
I guess she has been desensitized by all the craft projects around the house.
Or she just takes it for granted, being around  it all the time where as the other girls are not.

I have had many girls ask me to teach them to knit,
but only 2 have actually showed up with needles in hand truly asking for me to show them.
I have a friend who has asked if I would give her daughter knitting lessons?
She wants to do it once a week,
her daughter wants to do it twice a week.  
I told them that I would have to start with only one a week til I get use to the new schedule.

If I don't have a set schedule...
I get a little batty.

Now I just need to come up with a decent price for lessons.
Any suggestions?


Baby Quilt & Medicine Bags

It has taken me longer than I care to admit to finish these projects up.
The baby quilt especially!

It really feels good to have this finally done.
(for many reasons)
Even my daughter saw this, this morning and was squealing...

"Pleeeeeaze, can I take it down to them now!"
I know she realizes how long it has taken me.  It is for my neighbor's daughter 
Kori Rain
The sad thing is...
her baby brother got his baby gift before she got her blanket.
Granted, he only got a knitted hat and not a blanket.
She will get more use out of hers in the long run.

So, after Mary is done with her studies today 
I will let her take this down to Kori & her parents.
I was going to wash it, but I think I will let them do it ...
so they can use the laundry soap that Kori is used to.
Luckily for us she has not changed the decor of her room.

The medicine bags are a little less behind schedule.
I started them about half as long ago.
I decided to simply start over with them, it might be more productive and I was right.

The bag is put together and functional, I just have to add the details if I want to.
Which I do.
So, they are not exactly finished...

Woo Hoo!

my own hand carders

Now this is something that has been a long time coming.
I have wanted some hand carders for a LONG time.  
I just could not justify the purchase.
No justification
I just decided it was time to do it.
I think my blogging about my favorite shops inspired me to do it.
I like that these are "vintage"
which to me means


There is a story here...
it's a big one to.
I will share in an up and coming blog post.

It is going to be one of those wordy one.
So I will prepare you ahead of time.

Until then...
Live and Love well!


Shannon said...

Yay Debbie! I can't wait to read your story!

Green Gourd Creations said...

Thanks Shannon!