Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Etsy Favorites

I am SUPER excited!

I am going to try something new for me and my blog.

I am going to start showcasing some pieces from at least 5 of my favorite Etsy shops per week.
Each piece has caught my attention and inspired me in some way.

Usually it is the piece it'self
however, not always!
Sometimes it will be a combination of the artist and the work.

I have an Etsy shop
 not just to sell my work (although selling IS nice)
but also to be part of something bigger...

Ethical Buying

When I first joined Etsy it wasn't to sell anything,
it was to buy directly from  the people who took the time, effort and love to made the item.

Or simply try and get to know a little more about the people I was buying from and also to keep it local if I could.

I loved what I found!

Thanks little sister, for turning me on.

Every penny we spend matters!
Every penny is a choice.
A vote.
We spend money sometimes without a thought ...

well maybe, a thought ...

"Wow, that sure was expensive!"  
"Now I'm broke..."
"Ooooo... a SALE"

I have heard many times that if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

I have been part of the "problem" and still am sometimes.

But, I want to be part of the solution!

Sometimes my purchase do not reflect my beliefs
either out of necessity or sheer laziness.

We may not get to choose where our tax dollars go...
or maybe we can?
We can choose to support each other.
Our money
will speak for us
 in ways that 
Government and Corporations will understand.

I absolutely HATE having to shop at 

Granted, I have cut back on my consumer consumption 3 fold 
I try to only make purchases that are necessary 
or contribute to the higher good of my family and community.
Used, recycled, local you know...

Big companies do not mirror the moral or social justice that are important to me.
Why would they?

It is not a place of worship

It is a business with one purpose...
to make money 
and keep the share holders "happy".

Unfortunately money seems to be a necessary evil.

It is rather difficult to function in todays world without it.

So, when I am in a place of abundance I truly hope to support these shops and what they represent to me.

So Here goes my first of many 

Green Gourd Etsy Showcase

 Please check them out!

Yarn Bowl
Oooooh, I LOVE this!
One of my daughter's friends said to me...

"Ms Debbie, you need one of those things to put your yarn in so it doesn't roll all over the ground and get dirty"

I had no idea what she was talking about.
So, I did some research.
She is so RIGHT!

Blue Cascade over Black Mug
Now, for those of you who do not know me well,
I am a collector of mugs.

I especially like the ones with the little thumb rest!

Wood fired Coffee Mug
This mug may not have a thumb rest but it is 
Beautiful & Simplistic!
Just like I like it.

Blue Crab- Giclee Print

I absolutely LOVE this Print!

Hermit Crab
Ok folks...

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite of favorites!

Much to my disappointment this piece has already 


However, I just had to share this piece with you.

You really ought to check out her shop.

I am inspired!

How about you?


Sandee said...

Thank you, for your support. I love your Etsy shop and your blog! What a wonderful idea! I will certainly check out the Etsy shops you have featured.

Green Gourd Creations said...

You are so welcome Sandee. I absolutely love your work and am so happy you that your little fella could be a part of my blog. He has captured my heart. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Hugs back at ya!