Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Did I Miss Something?

Did we have a Spring Do-Over and someone forgot to tell me?


3 kittens
In the middle of the night...
this certainly got my attention.

this morning when I was doing a walk about
I found myself feeling a bit sorry for myself.

"My garden is not fairing so well!
All this oppressive heat has taken a hefty toll on my veggie patch."

I still have a couple gourd vines hanging in there though
as well as a few squash plants.

My peppers are doing very well... 
they love the hot, sandy soil.
I also have some eggplants that got a late start, that don't seem to be doing to badly either.

However my tomatoe plants are not very happy.
several of them have succumb to blight.

 I won't be getting any tomato juice from my garden this year.

Ok... back to the walk-about & my morning pity party!

My vegetable garden backs up to my hen house, so when I got to the north end of my garden I noticed one of  my hens just outside the hen house making some peculiar clucking.

When I took a closer look...
she got that crazy fluff that hens get when they are feeling all Mama Bear and protecting their babies!

Has someone slacked off in the egg collecting department?  
I should have seen this one coming.
Mary washed, packed and sold her eggs to one of the local fruit stands...yesterday.

Collecting eggs is one of Mary's daily chores.

I was wondering why we weren't getting as many eggs as we usually do.

my bad, I should have gone behind her to check.

Hint, Hint...

3 Peeps

The hen was guarding over a single peep just outside the hen house door.

I poked my head in the hen house and saw 2 more peeps sitting atop of a clutch of eggs.
Being the total control freak that I am...
I picked up Mama and peep, put them back in the nesting box
hoping that the hen would not abandon the other peeps and the unhatched eggs.
I placed a board inside the hen house,
completely freaking everyone out...
creating a state of panic for
Roosters and all.

Silly me...
have I not learned this lesson before?

There is a plan...
a natural order and it unfolds just fine with out my help.

Sometimes I need to to take a deep breath,
step back 
get out of the way!

Mom and 3 peeps left the nesting box...
made a nest on the floor,
then decided to go right back to where she was when I first saw them just outside the hen house door.

Mama Tried
Now without any medaling from me...
a new hen has taken over the clutch of eggs.

I am paying attention.

I guess it is time to start planting the seeds for my fall and winter garden.
I am not super crazy about the overcrowding that summer brings
the extreme heat.

However I will consider myself blessed!
 I will remind myself that I am privileged to live in place 
that has an extended growing season.

I won't give up...
I will have fresh tomatoes with my Thanksgiving dinner.

Seed Starter

I sat down to the computer to do my daily blog reading and came across this

Awakening Minds
By  on July 12, 2011
cob oven
Build Your Own $20 Outdoor Cob Oven for Great Bread and Pizza - Awakening Minds

Love it!

Something else I stumbled across and wanted to share...

History, Government
 & Economics?

I don't know anything about 

The Venus Project
The Zeitgeist Movement 

I am certainly not going to endorse of deny either...
I just found these videos
very compelling.

So, you can check out these websites below for yourself if you are interested.
Take what you like and leave the rest!

I do know that something must give.  
I do not have the right answer 
but I am willing to keep an open mind and prepare the soil for the 

Seeds of Change

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