Friday, April 30, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

There is a time and purpose for everything
under Heaven

During difficult times some folks reach out for help and some struggle and drown.
Lipstick Salvia

In the past I have called friends or acquaintances up to bitch or bash. and they would come running to join in the feeding frenzy armed with bottles of wine and a load of mud to sling. Luckily for me these days when I am struggling during a stressful time, instead of fighting and resisting the situation and adding to the chaos I choose to respond differently.

I call up an old friends and say... " I am having a really ruff time. I need you! Will you come help me dig in my yard?" And how BLESSED am I? I have a girlfriend who will get in her car and drive 7 plus hours to come do exactly that. Not judge me, not "fix me", not peddle unsolicited advise and not have any expectations and not add to my plate. Just see a need and then literally roll up her selves and get down and dirty.

And then when it is all said and done and time to leave she actually Thanks ... Me????


I absolutely am the richest gal in the land. My treasures are abundant!


Thank you Bill for putting my Nags Head Hammock back up in it's new home. I plan to get much enjoyment from her again this year. You gotta LOVE those $5 finds at the thrift store!


Clematis and Sundial

Entering the Veggie Garden

Squash & Zucchini Bed

Midnight Salvia

Salsa Mix

Pasta Mix

Problem... ? What Problem?

A new pump to the rescue... aaaaahhhh... joy
I am truly humbled when I take the time and count the MANY blessings that have been freely given to me.

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