Monday, April 12, 2010

Home again home again, jiggity jog!

Good morning!!!!

I have just gotten back from the BEAUTIFUL town of Chapel Hill, NC. I am not much of a city gal... but as cities go, Chapel Hill is a pretty nice one. Kudos to UNC.

Sanity on a Skein

This is how I kept busy while at the hospital

Now, I am anxious to get busy OUTSIDE. It is so hard to be indoors when it is so beautiful outdoors. Ya know what I mean???

I started the morning getting the "boss" ready for the first day back to school after Easter Break. It went surprisingly well. After seeing her off, I began my walk-about. I was happy to see that some of the seeds I planted last week were popping their heads up... Yippie!

Sky or Water?

Need a hint?

Lotus Pod

This is from last year

Eucalyptus & Pond

This eucalyptus is another survivor of Hurricane Isabel. She was lying in the pond after the storm. We tied some rope to the base of the trunk and attached them to posts we drove into the ground near the road. It took weeks of tightening the ropes and watering the tree. But she eventually began to reach for the sky. Isn't she a beauty? Adversity has it's advantages.

More Peeps

New peeps... the Ameracunus hen that took over the nest has been very diligent. She has continued to set... and the day Bill was going to take the eggs from her, to force her out of the hen house... out she comes with 4 peeps (that was Saturday).

This morning when I went to check on her she was out of the hen house with her peeps. But she was crouched in her guard position... but the peeps were all scattered. As I watched I noticed there were 2 new little peeps under her. WOW!

As I watched the peeps spread out and all join in on the food search, one of the new chicks began to struggle. It was having difficulty keeping up with everyone else. It would become separated from everyone and Momma would come to it's rescue. After several times of this, the next time this baby peep became separated Momma ran quickly to it's side. However, this time Momma did not squat down to provide warmth and security. She began to attack it.

I know I probably should have allowed Nature to do her thing... but I just couldn't.

I stepped in and snatched that little peep up.

I made it a little shoebox bed with water and snacks...

that poor little peep has got one heck of a "PEEP" that I couldn't leave it in the shoebox. So this what keeps her quiet for now.


Ok, no laughing. This was just a quick fix. I will come up with something else a little later. But, for now this seems to keep her happy (let's hope it's a "she").

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