Friday, April 16, 2010


It is FRIDAY and I am happy to be home to enjoy the weekend with my family.

I have decided to take the advise of a stewardess and give myself some oxygen before trying to give anyone else oxygen. In other words... I am taking the time to do some things for myself that I need... instead of "shoulding" on myself....

When I got home again, from another trip to UNC... I started on something that has been in the works for some time. I started painting my bedroom. I picked this paint up about 2 years ago. It is sad to say but, our bedroom has been the one room that has been neglected over the years. Every room in our home... not excluding the outdoor rooms have been given several face lifts EXCEPT the bedroom. This long overdue make-over is closer to becoming finished, now.

Fennel & Spring Fawn

I love this faint green on the walls.

Humming Birds

I also hung a new bamboo blind and this beautiful stain glass whirl that my good friend Sue made for me. It has been hanging in the living room up until now. I will enjoy waking up in the morning and seeing the sun shining through this.


Now, this was an awesome welcome home present. A good friend had stopped by to check on me after my recent road trip and while we were standing on the porch catching up. She looked down and asked, "Are those tulips?" I thought ... "I can't believe she doesn't know the difference between tulips and lilies." Because she was looking down into my lily bed. I was knocked over with surprise when I leaned over and saw what she was looking at. I couldn't begin to tell you where this pot came from or when I got it. Who knows how long that has been there.


I planted these seeds just before my brother's surgery in the beginning of April. When I got home from Chapel Hill the first time I was happy to see that they had begun emerging from the soil. It is time to thin and transplant into small pots.


Yumm, Yumm... I can't wait to fill my freezer!


Not my favorite flower in the world, however they sure do keep some unwelcome guests away.


Now, not only are these flowers beautiful, but they are also tasty to add to a salad.

Burro's Tail

This poor fellow was happy to see the bedroom make-over & spring. My house plants welcome spring probably more than I do. They get to spend the summer outdoors recovering from the harsh winters indoors grateful for me NOT killing them.
I found this under some leaves in an old 3" pot. It was hanging over the sides looking for a new home. so I transplanted it into a hanging basket. I love these little volunteers.

Scotch Broom Explosion

This is just a small part of this plant. It is breath-taking!

Finally, Gourds!

Yeah! My gourds are just starting to poke their necks out. These guys are very slow to start. The apple gourds are the only one so far that dare to poke out. It shouldn't be long before the rest decide to join the rest of the seedlings.

Lady Banks Roses

These roses are going NUTS. I need to cut them back and reign them back in. They have gone WILD!

I have been doing a lot of traveling lately, so it is nice to see that things still go on without me.

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