Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fashion for the Good Dr.

My most recent "creations" have been an absolute blast to work on.

I was given the opportunity to help with the costumes for my daughters "Seussical Jr." production at school!
Talk about imagination...

"All the things you can think" ... Creativity gone wild.

To be surrounded by folks, ALL being likewise inspired.


I needed that turbo boost of inspiration.

I helped in the designing of many of the costumes and actually created a few.

The costumes that I did created were:

  • Horton the Elephant
  • Sour Kangaroo
  • Young Kangaroo
  • A Zebra

I had a hand in the collaborative designing of the Wickersham Brothers, Gertrude's amazing tail (the pouch), Bird Girls, and some of the Jungle Citizens.

I had SOOOOOO much fun with this production!

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