Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Lucky am I?

Today is my husband and my anniversary. It started with a kiss and a "Happy Anniversary" from my sweety. He then rolled over and went back to sleep. I however, decided to get up, pour a cup of jo, let the chickens out and head to the beach for a little morning meditation.

I couldn't even give this one a title. What a wonderful way to start the day

Rise and Shine

Ok, "Buddy" I'm awake!

Yeah, right... as if that were why he really was crowing!

Bill's Bike

We rescued this bike several years ago. Someone had put it out on the road for a bulk pick-up. We couldn't help ourselves. Bill, LOVES this bike and still rides it. And I love him!
Happy Anniversary!

That was Fast

It was only a few days ago when I was just looking for a glimpse of spring life. Wow, look at it now! And let me tell you this wisteria is simply intoxicating.

Scotch Broom

I have this scotch broom by my Koi pond and it is getting ready to EXPLODE!

Renewed life in the Pond

My water plants are starting to poke their heads out also. This Horsetail has found a new home in our waterfall, along with some Water Celery & Creeping Ginny. If you look closely, you will also see one of the Koi coming to say "Hello".

Veggie Garden

I am soo happy that we have a VERY long growing season. I am getting a late start on my garden this year.


but am am NOT afraid. Because when I took a closer look, I found a lone strawberry plant that my chickens didn't consume, fennel, a variety of herbs, some volunteer gourds, sunflowers, my fig tree and much more.

Fig Tree

I was so excited to see leaves on this tree. But to find fruit already developing I was elated. I wasn't sure if we would have any fruit this year. It started budding early this year and then we had SNOW. Can ya believe it, snow on the Outer Banks... granted it wasn't much but it was enough to make the buds on this tree wither and die. But, this tree has seen many seasons. It was almost killed after Hurricane Isabel and didn't produce fruit for three years. But here she is again... and I am happy to say that I got enough fruit off this tree last summer to make fig preserves.

Gourds, Gourds & More Gourds

I usually plant my gourd seeds directly in the ground. But my seed supply is a little low this year and I would like to save as many as I can from the chickens. Hopefully they will not mind the transplant too much. I will still plant some of the smaller gourds directly in the ground.

Daily Bread

I have to tell you, I got the best bread recipe from Mother Earth News (my absolute favorite magazine). It is so simple that my 10 year old daughter can make it all by her self. And she usually does. It became a weekly thing over the winter. It is awesome... she can make a large batch, put it in the fridge and then pull from the dough as needed. Let it rise for about 45 min. and then bake for 30. We LOVE this dough. We even use it for pizza crust.

I feel like the most blessed person on the planet to have such a PHENOMINAL family! Thank you Lord, and thank you Bill for allowing me to live such a full and rich life!



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