Friday, April 2, 2010

Life is kinda funny

Sunny Side Up

I have to say it is pretty awesome to walk out the backdoor and come back with my breakfast. I personally like my eggs over easy or poached.
aka "Buddy"
The Hen Pecked Rooster

Fatherhood has given "Buddy" a new attitude on life. I am not liking this new attitude much. However, I know he is just doing his "JOB". Unfortunately Buddy may be looking for a new
home soon.
New Momma & Peep

This Ameraucanas Hen took over the nesting box from the Dominique after the first peep hatched out. And now this one hatched yesterday. I may have to rescue it since she just went broody.So far she has not hurt the peep.
Pot Luck

Ok, I don't care who you are this is just funny. This is the pot that I "used" to grow my peppermint in. Well obviously it has been taken over for another purposes. And
just in case you need some chicken 101 to find the humor in this. This Dominique hen
is taking a dirt bath.

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