Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love the smell of compost in the morning!

I almost completely cleaned out my compost bin yesterday, getting my veggie beds & gourd areas ready for transplants. Thankfully it doesn't take us too long to replenish that black gold once the weather starts heating up.

Since Live Oak trees shed their leaves in the spring, we have a plentiful supply of organic matter to start a new batch of compost, along with a wonderful kick start to heat things up. There are some other great benefits to having these furry & feathered friends besides the endless enjoyment we receive from their quirky behavior and yummy eggs.

Mo Peeps

Hello Ladies

Some folks don't like keeping chickens because of the lovely little gifts they leave for us anywhere and everywhere. Me personally, it is one of the many reasons I LOVE keeping chickens. Their manure is one of the BEST fertilizers around. But, watch out it is some potent stuff. I like to make a tea with it. Hold on... no worries, not for me but for my plants.


Nope, I didn't name this little one. That would be my daughter's doing. Ellarina is wondering "where are my favorite blueberry treats?". She loves seeing me... I bring her all kinds of yummy goodies. And in return, she give them back! Rabbit manure is another wonderful fertilizer.

Yippie, more gourds

Almost done drying

I am so excited, I just ordered myself a brand new cordless Dremel with some fun attachments. I hope Bill and I won't be fighting to much over it. A Dremel was the very first gift I ever gave him when we were dating. I am going to have a lot of fun when it gets here. I also indulged and bought myself 2 new CD's for my collection :"Lifeline" by Iris DeMent & "Dirt Farmer" by Levon Helm. Woo Hoo... gotta listen to something while I am scrubbing mold off gourds!

It's Springtime in the South

Azaleas are not my all time favorites but they sure know how to wake up a yard. Ellarina gets to enjoy these guys in her front yard.


I am finding it very difficult to force myself to do my "inside work". I suppose that, it is not such a terrible thing though. It sure does make me feel good and keep me inspired and motivated. I will get back to my studio/office/sewing room /dumping ground ... soon enough. It has gotta rain sometime :}

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