Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Morning Glory or is it Glorious Morning?

Good Morning

Even though I am feeling a little run down today, it is still a Beautiful Morning!

At least one of these will be for breakfast. Now that they are really starting to come on...
it might be time to bust out the jelly jars.

Packed & Ready to Go

So, even though yesterday didn't feel super productive. I actually did get quite a bit accomplished. Or at least tied up some loose ends. I really like that feeling.

It sure is nice to have a printer back up and running.

Dusted Off

This is something I started 6 years ago. WOW!!!

I don't remember how long I worked on it before I set it down & didn't pick it back up till now.

I worked on it for a little while before bed, last night.
My eyesight MUST have been better six years ago!
Summer Fun
And she asked...
"Why are you laughing?"

Mary and a friend worked on gourd birdhouses and each did a canvas painting one afternoon.
Her canvas is already hanging on her wall.
I love it!

Hey Fly Guy

I bet this guy will leave a mark.

Butterfly Bush

Bringing in some of the more welcomed winged creatures into the garden.

Slow & Steady, Wins the Race

I planted this gourd the same time as all the other gourds.
Last year it was the plant just like this one... late bloomer, that produced the majority of my kettle gourds (aka martin house).

Another Apple Gourd

This is growing on the very top of my "raised bed" trellis.

More Hopefuls

Not Sure ?

I think this is another Martin House, but I can't be sure.

Lonely Bean

When we got back from the mountains...

This was the only bean standing.

Bill thought that maybe this was one of "Jack's" beans.

I told him...

"This is a bush bean... I think Jack's beans were pole beans"

After the hognose incident, we opted to put down this wire and fore-go the netting.
I want no more snake blood on my hands.

Going to Seed

I actually don't want anymore fennel.

However, these flower heads bring in a multitude of pollinators and and keep the parasitic wasps happy.


I have lived in this house, longer than I have lived anywhere my entire life.

Every year I say I want asparagus, and every year I tell myself...

We won't be here long enough to reap the benefits of planting asparagus. It takes up to 7 years for asparagus to fully mature.

So, after 13 years I guess it is about time to plant some asparagus.


Watch us move, now that I have put it in the ground.


I planted 3 different types of beets.
I LOVE beets!
I really like the Golds & Bull's Eye...
But, I didn't have anymore seeds, so I just planted what I had.
Early Wonders, Detroit's & Cylinders

Again... notice the snake safe wire!

Pole Beans

Maybe these are some of Jack's beans?
I planted these beans a couple weeks back and I then I planted more the other day.

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