Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feeling a Bit Monochromatic?

Checker Board Skirt

I had some input on this skirt design , but Mary picked out the basic style and fabric on her own. She is certainly cut from the same cloth as her Momma.
I'm felling all nostalgic!

I like the way this lining turned out. It leaves a nice even hem line and gives it an awesome twirl effect that every little girl LOVES...
It's the first thing Mary does when she tries on a dress or skirt, she takes it for a spin to see what kind of twirl she is going to get.
I would have to say that this skirt has a nice combo feel ...
1950's meets 1980's in 2010
Messenger Bag

Ugggghh ... I can't believe I bought a pattern to make a messenger bag. But, I did. It had a pattern for all kinds of things. Backpack, messenger bag, hipster (whatever that is), cell phone case and a change purse.
Did I use it?
What a waste...
When I began looking at the pattern layout and pieces (after I cut the pieces the bag called for), I thought why in the world would you want to complicate such a simplistic design.
So, I did things in my typical mode of operation...
my way
I winged it!
Imagine that.
There is a very fine line between control freak and creative design. I believe I have a foot on both sides of that line.
Either way...
This was a very quick & simple way to do it.
Trust Me

Now when Mary first saw this fabric. She was NOT feeling it.
She had no faith in her momma.
I guess I didn't either... buying that stinking pattern.
Oh my gosh,
I though she was going to cry when she got back from the beach yesterday.
Tears of joy.
She absolutely loved it. She asks "is that MY bag?"
All it took was a smile and a nod and the squeals commenced.
First Impressions

All that effort and time...
planning the perfect first day's outfit!
You would think the world was hinging on this outcome.
Yikes!!! Tweens!
I'm so glad that we are having a cool day here on the Outer Banks...
because there was no talking her out of wearing those boots!
All is well, we have lift off.

Bus Stop

With lip-gloss & SCOTS compact in hand...

She is up, fed and out the door waiting for the bus.
For someone who "hates" school & has been hard pressed to get out of the bed before 11am lately...

she sure was up and ready to go!

I think thou doth protest to much.

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