Monday, August 23, 2010

Hey Good Lookin

Me & My "Buddy"

A good friend took this picture of me and my boy when he was very young. Back when he was low man on the totem. He was the lowest ranking of 4 other roosters. He came in below many of the gals as well. He moved up in status as we found homes for his 4 fellow males. This is why he never had a full saddle while he was here. He was truly ...

"Hen Pecked"

We had to give Buddy to Mary's teacher on the last day of school. Mr. Potter promised that he wouldn't become "hawk food" & that he would be going to a good home. He was getting too territorial for me. He was certainly doing his job well. Unfortunately the day he took me down to the grown, was the day I made my mind up to let him live out the rest of his life somewhere else.

Maybe if I had that alpaca farm that I often dream of...

oh well...

I cried my eyes out. Even though I was happy that I didn't have to look over my shoulder anymore ... I was still sad to see him go.

He was my "Buddy", I still miss that guy.

First Born

Remember those cute photos from the spring?

This is Buddy's first born. He was our first chick EVER. A first for me. Over the years we had girls try and set... but with no success.

Here is Momma and "Son".

Things were pretty quiet up til last week when I began to hear a very gurgled crow...

It certainly is no Buddy crow. However, Buddy had a pretty dysfunctional crow in the beginning to.

Who's my Mommy?

It appears that the momma who raised him isn't the momma that gave him life. I am guessing it was one of the momma Wyandottes. He sure has their markings.

I decided a while back, not to give my gals (or guys) any more names. No more sitting for hours with them, hand feeding them or carrying on conversations.

Besides making the neighbors talk...

I figured that it might be best if I start separating myself a few degrees from a possible food source. I tried a few years back with a really mean young rooster. I couldn't even be here the day a friend of Bill's came over to show him how to slaughter & clean a chicken. We had told him that we would give him one of the males in return for teaching us. By the time I got home, that ornery rooster was plucked and cleaned and sitting in my fridge.

I took one look at that bird in the roasting pan and knew that I wouldn't be able to gnaw on a body part of "Rudy" the mean rooster. So I thought ... maybe I could put him in a stew pot... if I didn't have to see body parts... then maybe.

I made a nice chicken soup with all kinds of goodies...

But ... I just couldn't do it. I took one taste and I lost my appetite.

The funny thing is...

the guy that butchered Rudy for us... in exchange for a chicken... never butchered his chicken. He took that rooster home with him and he just couldn't do it. That rooster is roaming the streets of Wanchese. I guess they were all too tame... with exception to Rudy.

What ya got Cooking?

It may be difficult keeping this space from becoming a pit stop area
for the comings and goings between Bill's shop and the rest of the house.

I will have to nip this in the bud.

I am really trying to enforce the rule of...

once something is in your hand, do NOT put it down until it is in it's proper & final destination.

It hasn't become habit yet for any of us, but it has gotten better.


This is a good thing. It has allowed me to keep things more organized and more productive. Easier to slide into a project when everything has a place and organized.

Wash Cloth for ME

I finished this one a couple days ago and then weaved in the loose ends and put a loop on it last night. Then took it fer a spin this morning.

Then it was off to meet the new teacher.

A New Skirt

I started cutting the fabric out for this skirt yesterday. It is for Mary's first day of school.

This Wednesday!

I better stop puttering.

She was not happy about me making her school cloths this year apposed to buying them. She broke down and cried the other day when I asked her what the problem was.

She said she was afraid that she would be teased.


She is going in 5th grade...

I thought this didn't start til middle school.

Labels, clicks & boys oh my!!!

We ended up having a great talk. It inspired some much needed dialog between us.
And I think that maybe now she is actually even excited that she gets to wear a one of a kind original design. At least she was bragging about it at school today.
Now, we will need to work on the "bragging" and other social no-nos.

The Design Board

These are just a few of the designs for Mary's new 2010-2011 school year. I have several more but I don't want to get to far ahead of myself. I still have a few other pots on the back burner. Not to mention all the things that I need to get on my poor neglected etsy shop.

I have some finished items that need to be uploaded and some expired items as well.

I figured that this summer would be for family, fun and taking care of me. Then when the school year started back up. It would be time to get back to "work".

Umm from Umbridge

aka Alice

This was supposed to be a costume for Mary's Birthday Tea Party, back in March. But because of my brother's surgery we decided to postpone her party. It was going to be this summer, but this summer has now been pushed back to this fall. She is going to help me with it. And a couple of her little friends want me to help them with a costume for them as well.

So, I guess this may end up being more of a Halloweenish function.

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