Friday, August 27, 2010

Keep it Simple

School Supplies

So, prior to school starting we all get this wonderful school supply list... right?

And automatically I run out and start buying ALL these things on the list.
Last year when things were getting really "tight", I started asking the question, "why do we have to buy new "stuff" every year? 

Of course this was only inside my own mind...

Now, when the new list came out this summer, I began wondering the same question.
Still in my own head & I still reactively went out and started buying.
Only this year... I took some baby steps.
Since I have been trying to become more intentional with my actions and "buying" power.
It just felt wrong buying wipes and disinfectant.

I still have some store bought products in my home...
some "natural" products and some of it is the toxic stuff left over from before I "woke up".

I figure I will use up what I have... minus the toxic stuff... I still need to figure out a way to get rid of the stuff under my kitchen sink.  I didn't feel comfortable just trowing it away like the bathroom epiphany...
and I can't even give them to a foe...

I'm open for suggestions... luckily I don't have much... since I have been lowering my impact for a while.
To funny, I just picked up some side cleaning jobs.
And my friend just dropped off a cleaning bag of supplies with the key to the house I am suppose to clean tomorrow...
Kat, I'm trying to get the toxic crap out of my house and now you are dropping off more...


I still love ya.

Hi Ho, It's Off To School We Go

At the meet & greet I asked Mary's teacher if I sent in "homemade" wipes would she use them?
She said yes, but to send some instructions.

I told Mary that we need to start a supply bank.
So, we are gathering up all her old supplies and putting them in my studio.
 I will go through all the markers to see which ones still work...
she has oodels of them...
Then as she looses a color or one drys out she can replace it from the "bank".


I think this is an idea we need to pass along to the school.
Now that we have a
"Green Team"

This would work with crayons to.

Good Morning

I went on a cleaning spree yesterday. But, I needed to get my motor revved up first.

Some folks are opposed to "Big Box" companies.  And I respect their opinion.  It is a big world out there with many pros and cons...
sometimes it is difficult to make a stand or to just make a simple choice ...

"paper or plastic?"

What to choose?  What is "right"?
So many opinions.

It is my stance that "we all do the best we can, most of the time".
I know this...

I couldn't buy my "organic", " fair trade", "Hiefer Project" sponsored coffee if it weren't for my big box "club" or my Ecos laundry soap...

I can't grow a coffee bean... or find a local grower... and I absolutely can not/will not choose to live with out my java!
So I try to make the best choice for ME...
one that fits my budget and taste.
I buy whole coffee beans in bulk and grind them.
We have an awesome self-grinding auto coffee maker that I got for Bill several years ago for Father's day... that I bought refurbished.  Unfortunately it stopped working... then we went to a French press... broke...
So we are back to a reliable method...
Meema's percolator!


Ok... I know these images are disturbing.  And NO, I did not doctor these up for my blog.

When my brother remodeled our indoor bathroom for us and put this 2 piece shower in, something was wrong with the drain and we never fixed it.  So the drain is only half open or half closed depending on how you choose to look at it.
Any way... the water takes a while to drain and leaves this nasty soap ring spooge.
For some reason we all
  wanted to take a shower inside after the first "natural" cleaning.
I personally prefer the outdoor bathroom shower.

Choose Your Weapons

Baking Soda, Tea Tree Oil & Pure Castile Soap

Armed & Ready To Go

Yesterday was deep kitchen & living room cleaning.  You know all those places I "never" pull out to clean under or behind.   Today I tackle the bathroom.

All before my morning coffee ...

There were 3 spots in the tub that have been there for at least a year...
I dunno who stepped in what....
but it left a stain and I have tried all kinds of stuff... except...
Baking Soda.

One of the spots you can still sorta see.  But, I bet if I really put my back into it, it would come out to.

I think if everyone sticks to the outdoor shower this week, I might try to get that space were the top and bottom of the shower meet...

Wow...I remember when I wouldn't even show my good friend under my kitchen and bathroom sink and now I am posting my dirty tub on the Internet.

I have come a long way baby!
Mahogany Hair Piece

Bill made 2 of these last weekend.  I took one for myself and one to go on in my etsy shop.  I love them!  He use to make them for me several years ago... but stopped carving. 

I have been bugging him lately to pick up his carving tools again and get creative.  I will have to dig up some photos of his wood carvings... he has made some beautiful pieces over the years. 

Any way... I challenged him to make me something.  Anything, as long as it was not for a "job" or our bikes.

So, he made a seat pan for a motorcycle (and not one of ours)

and 2 hair pieces.
They are both mahogany and unfinished.  The natural oils from my hair and the wood will give it a beautiful color.
Thanks Honey!
                                       See creativity is contagious!  Keep it up my man... I love it!

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