Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gourd Bowls

Let's Go

I just couldn't help myself. I "should" have finished the prep on these bowls.

The inside of the bowls still need to be cleaned more.

But, I was dyeing to get started!

New Dye

I found an awesome online shop out of North Carolina, that caters to the gourd enthusiast.

Woo hoo!

All kinds of cool products.

I couldn't wait to get them at the NC gourd festival or the VA gourd festival. I was ready to play!

So, I purchased some new dyes and applicators from them a while back and I have been letting them collect dust in my newly renovated studio.

I could stand it NO longer. I had to break them out... new packaging HAD to go!


This was really a first for me.

Typically I paint my gourds with acrylic paint and then give them a clear coat.

I tried dying some a while back with some left over fiber dye.

It didn't work out the way I had hoped. I had to use a LOT of dye and still got a very muted tint.


I really like how this koi turned out.


This bowl will get a few background touch ups and of course the inside...

but for the most part this one is ready to be waxed.


This one will need a little more work.

The background needs a second dose of dye and then I need to do some detail work.

Not Bad

Of course, I am not completely satisfied.

However, I am pleased with the way this dye reacted to the gourd shell.

It's the human

behind the dye that needs a little more work.

All in all

not bad for a first go round.

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