Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Manic Monday

Shew...   I sure am glad it is Tuesday!

I had a manic Monday mania... filled with good intentions.

New etsy Listings

Over the weekend I managed to put some of my inventory online and update some of my expired listings.  It is one of those things, like putting away laundry that I just don't like doing.    I still have a lot more items that need to be updated.  I can't sell them online if I don't put them there.

That is so sad to admit.

it is what it is...
I like creating things, for the simple joy of creating... more than selling them.

I like to sabotage myself... which is also very likely to be true.

Either way... I took action and put a few things online in my etsy shop. 
Some old and some new.

Doll Cloths

The jams Mia is wearing, are one of the pieces I did 2 years ago for Christmas.  I made these, along with 2 other sets that I sold.
 I made them out of a pair of flannel pajama bottoms I picked up at the Goodwill.

I do wash all the fabric before I store them or start cutting out a patterns.

A Pair of Shorts

I love this little polka-dot print.  These pants are for one of Mary's doll's...

I thought that I would try and finish up some doll pieces and other sewing projects that I already had started,  to get me off the computer.

Wow... what I "want" to do and what I need to do, are not always the same thing.

Some Fade Blue Jeans

I started these guys a while ago...

again... re-purposed jeans... either from pants Mary out grew or... pieces that I took off the bottoms to make shorts...

I left these without a hem... to have that frayed look.

I should have known that I "needed" to be doing something else when the "tension" kept giving me a fit.
But, nooooo...
I kept plugging away!

Idgie Kitty

This is the newest addition to our family.
I know... as if we didn't already have enough animals.  It couldn't be helped...

yea, right?

She is a wild one..
finally, her name


as in Idgie Threadgood from Fried Green Tomatoes.

She is ...

"MY" kitty

"Maggie" and "Homie"  have pretty much been claimed by Bill and Mary or I ought to say it the other way around. 
Bill and Mary have been claimed by the cats.

Well actually she is more Lexi's kitten...
for those of you who don't know Lexi, check out the video.

Well, I think Idgie has picked me as her "human" companion!

Plugging Away

I should have taken the hint from Idgie and gone for a more relaxing project earlier. 

I was just not meant to sew yesterday. I was being a stubborn vessel... trying to force my will.


It wasn't working so well!


So, finally after enough discomfort...
I let go...

and moved on to something else

Ta Da

A wash cloth for Bill. 

Thanks for the idea... Tay!

Restored to Sanity

Ahhh... so much better!

Just in time for the kiderling to get off the bus.

And now I need to start getting geared up for a visitor that is clearing a path for a parade of people this Labor Day Weekend.

Hurricane Earl

It is still unsure if Earl will be making landfall or not...
I am staying informed on the expected path.

If he is coming ashore...
I have no intention of riding this storm out.
was more than I bargained for.

Long gone are my days of  hunkering down or attending Hurricane parties.

Isabel wasn't even a direct hit for us...
and we had to debate whether or not to pull the mattress off the bed and hold it against the sliding glass door to keep the wind from blowing in.

Niether happened.

That was the "LONGEST" storm ever...
never again!


One good thing about a Hurricane or Tropical Storm is that our yard gets a good clean up!

We spend days picking everything up from the yard and putting them away somewhere safe.
Sure wish more folks would.

During Isabel... we received more property damage from flying debris than anything else.  And I don't mean things like tree limbs or street signs.

I am talking about lawn stuff... and because I live in an industrial/commercial area. .. it was things like display racks  and pallets.

Come on folks...

We collect clutter like our lives depended on it...
and we still manage to pick it all up.

I don't wanna...
but I do.

Oh well...
it will be exactly what it suppose to be.  Regardless how much anyone frets or worries.

I don't know what's in store for me or anyone else.  I will deal with whatever comes my what, even if I don't LIKE it.

Who knows?  Maybe it will force me to take a path that I wouldn't choose on my own. 
And be the best thing that ever happened.

Sometimes I need to just get out of  the way so God can get busy!

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