Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Woo... Hoo????

Woo... hoo...
is the call my "Meema" rang out when entering a house or calling out for you!

I sure do miss hearing that call.

This photo was taken on the front porch of Boswell's Tavern during the visit I spoke of in an earlier blog.  
The one when I went back to Ben Lomond with Meema, 
the old farm....

I found these pictures from that trip the other day and thought I would share them.

The Exchange Hotel

The Exchange Hotel was used as a make-shift hospital during the Civil War.

This building was the subject of many a ghost story told by my "Oompa"
Wow... he sure could scare the britches off us grand kids!

I  lived about 4 blocks from this old Hotel in Gordonsville, VA.
It sure didn't look like this then though.  
However, the remodeling and restoration began just before we moved.

I had just finished 3rd or 4th grade.
Those years are a bit foggy for me.

Ben Lomond

So many memories here...

There is a pool now, just behind that white fence.  

I think that was one of my biggest shocks...
it never occurred to me.

We always swam in the lake!

The lake...
as I look at this picture several images flood my mind.
First and most memorable for me is the infamous tubing accident.
Until that day...
I had never broken a bone in my body, I was 13.
I came away from that experience in a wheel chair and many broken body parts.
However... I learned that day that there was a very bright, warm, white light in my future
and drowning was not the way I was going to leave this earth.

After that accident I was given a book to read during my recovery...

Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Thanks Aunt Angela!  It made quite the impression!

The second image is of a water spout coming up and across the lake.  And then running up that hill as fast as we could go, to the house.  Looking back only to see Siobhan and someone (Zac maybe) holding one of the aunts hands( Angela I think)  and being lift up off the ground.  Everyone screaming and racing to the front door, fighting the wind to get the door to open .  There was quite a storm that night.  I remember a very dark candle lit evening and a very restless night in the bunk bed room.  The next morning we woke to find a HUGE tree up rooted and laying fantastically between an assortment of  cars.

There are many more images filled with fishing, cousins, music, ice skating, lily pads and water skiing.

I had my High School graduation party here...

April 13, 1986
 Dad, Mom and ME

This was one of the last BIG soiree we ever had at 
"Ben Lomond Farm"

This was my cousin Tolli and my cousin Willie's UVA Greek party.
Willie and Tolli had two of these parties, I attended at Ben Lomond.

I believe this was the one Indecision played...

Older and Wiser

Here is a pretty cool tid-bit of information...

my cousin Libby who was probably around 8 at the time of this party, 
 married Craig, the drummer for Indecision.

Woo hoo... I married an older man too!

They were married at Boswell's Tavern, and what a beautiful wedding it was .

Side or Front?

As a kid I always thought it was strange that everyone referred to this door as the side door.

I thought the "front" of the house faced the road?

It was the door used most for coming and going.

See that tree, to the left of the photo?
I don't know what anyone else called it, all I knew it as...
"Monkey Cigar Tree"
If I ever noticed one again I couldn't say until...

I went to Newport News to help clear out my husband's grandmother's farm house. 

I have since then discovered that this tree is also called a
Catawba Tree.

Another Generation

Another generation is greeted and bid farewell at the front door by Meema.
Or is it the side door?

Boswell's Tavern
A new set of memories
But all with a familiar ring.
"Woo Hoo"

This is no where close to the size of the lake at Ben Lomond.
However, does my daughter seem disappointed?

I don't think so!

I can  not begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have such a wonderful and colorful bag of memories.

Let' Try This Again

I picked these round pointed needles up at the store Friday.

And I stopped looking at the Hardware Store for bread.


We stopped here on our way home from church Sunday.

My Mary got to get her feet wet and I got to get a little more perspective.
When we got home, Mary and Bill went to a benefit for a local 13 year old girl.

Isabella Rainey

who suffered a brain aneurysm

I don't know if this is true of not.
But, Mary heard that Bella was having a typical mother, daughter difference of opinion.
And right in the middle of their exchange,
Bella fell to the floor.

The other day Mary started crying and said...
"What if she dies and the last thing she said to her mom was mean?"

Now, I can't help but wonder ...
what my kid's internal dialog must be.

Do I sense a bit of identifying going on here?

This is a difficult age for so many young girls,
(and moms too) 
when there are more clashes with Mom 
than these tender moments of exchange.

God Momma Mary

This was the first Thanksgiving weekend that Mary Neva's band 

She and Maah Huff had somewhere else to be.

To my joy...
Mary Neva was by my side in the same tiny, little church
I took my
First Holy Communion.

Momma Knows Best

I love ya Miss Neva!

Now it has been raining for 3 days straight and we have a coastal flood warning in effect.
I have to chuckle, 
I know that I was asking for rain and all, but daggg... I am finding it kinda difficult to get my arss out of bed and bust a move.  
My motivation wants to playing hide and seek with me today, I can't seem to drink my coffee fast enough to keep up.

Gotta Have the Right Tools

I truly believe that every situation presents an opportunity...

Wa... la...
my perfectly flawed bathmat!!!!

(made from recycled and re-purposed fabrics)

Of course when I actually use the correct tool from my tool belt
the job was a breeze and was finished in no time.
I imagine it would be rather difficult to build a house with a wooden spoon.
I am sure it could be done...
talk about an opportunity to practice patience

Let's Be Jolly

Now for a footnote in today's blog...
I want to say that my baby brother has poked his head out of seclusion.
He is showing an interest in the Gerson Therapy

Woo... Hoo

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