Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hurricane Earl 2010

Once again the Outer Banks has cheated Poseidon's Fury.

In the days preparing for Hurricane Earl we stayed tuned to the radio & Internet waiting and watching to see what path Earl was going to take.

We decided stay!

Good thing I don't have Cable TV or satellite...
the Media...
all I will say is...
Beware of the Boy who cried wolf!

Thanks for the Quickie Earl

Earl came in the very early hours of the morning and was completely gone before noon.

 I wish I could say that I completely slept through the hurricane, but it wouldn't be the truth.
All the hard work we did... had me in the bed early.  The rain and wind had barely begun when my exhaustion got the best of me and my head hit the pillow.
Bill had NO problem sleeping through the night.
However, I woke several times throughout the night checking to make sure things were OK.
I couldn't help it... I guess it's that motherly instinct.
And for the most part everything was fine.

As the sun began to rise, Earl was heading out.

What A View

At first I didn't realize what I was looking at.  I just thought... Wow, things sure seem bright. 
Then it hit me...
Where is the fence, where is my Twisted Willow tree and where is my Red Tip?


There has got to be an easier way!

Snap, Crackle & Pop

Can ya see were the post just snapped at the base?

I am not so sure we didn't get a small twister... the glass from this window was laying out in the yard, like it was sucked out.  And there is a tree that you can't really see in this shot (a large Red Tip on the back fence) ... it was snapped in half at the base.

Not My Fence
This isn't the new fence that we just finished putting up.
This fence belongs to our Davco neighbor.

We gave it a temporary fix... in hopes of keeping the hounds from running the streets. 
There is no telling when or if they would give this fence the same priority that we give it and get it put back up.

The Power of a Chevy

I knew there had to be an easier way!

Heading Out

Once the rain had almost all but stopped, Mary and I headed out to see how the rest of the island fared.

Nags Head & Kill Devil Hills Line

This shot was taken between the Bypass and the Beach Road.
We were heading to the beach we usually go to ... "our beach" as Mary calls it.
And for the record...
we get standing water like this for just about every Nor'easter we get... and we get a lot.

Earl is North Bound

I don't have any words...

South Nags Head

The Outer Banks Pier, South Nags Head

I have lived on this island a long time and I have weathered a many a storm and I am always amazed by natures awesome power and beauty.

We are extremely fortunate.
 If this storm had not been pushed offshore by that western high...

and come head on...

things would have been MUCH different here...
life as we know it... would be over!

Our island by definition... a barrier island...
is constantly moving and changing.

A category 4 ...
things would change in ways that would be difficult to imagine. 

So, today I count my blessings...
and shed a tear for the loss of a few plants ...
and continue this journey of becoming me! 

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