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This is a truth that I wish that I didn't have to admit.

It has to do with reading the labels of what you buy.
I very nonchalantly placed these on my self, bathroom and into cleaning products that I passed on without even reading the label.  Now, in my own defense... this is a product that has been around for many years and I had been familiar with it's fair trade practices and all natural ingredients.

Before the hurricane I brought all the outdoor bathroom items inside.
 I put this bottle of Dr. Bonner's Castile Soap out, to remember to take it back outside to the shower.
The other day when I was in need of some reading material...
but didn't have my glasses on I noticed a few words that stood out on the bottle...
my curiosity was roused.

So, I went to find my reading glasses.
I didn't recall ever reading this stuff on these bottles before.
But, maybe that is why this brand stuck in my mind all these years.

Truth in Labeling

"Flee from the crowd & dwell with truthfulness.  Be satisfied with what you have,  it may be small.  To hoard brings hate, to climb brings dizziness..."  

I need to read the labels more often.

The Good Dr.

This is the soap that I was originally introduced to when I was in my late teens and early twenties.  Back when the only place I knew where to get these kinds of supplies was to drive up to Virginia Beach and go to the Wonderful...

Unscented Baby Soap

"Having a baby changes EVERYTHING"

I am amazed at how easily I lost (gave away) who I am.
I remember when I couldn't even remember what my "original" favorite color was. 
 It wasn't that long ago... or maybe it was?
A Decade...

The same fragment of time I went without picking up a paint brush.  To see those words in front of me brings pain to my soul.
However, I have come to realize that sometimes within the darkest packages come the greatest of gifts.

And in the big picture of things it is but a blink in time.

I have had many distractions along the way...

But every single piece of my past is interwoven into the masterpiece I am becoming. 
If I were to pull even one strand from the collection of my experiences... the being that I Am becoming

"I" would unravel.

I can not begin to say how electrifying it feels to plug back in!

And stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

I am ME... take me as I am!

What's Got me Jammed Up?


I wonder why our personal finances are in disarray?



I Dunno, What?

Let's see...
How many hints are in these pictures?

I spy with my two blurry eyes...

something ...


So, I have allowed some toxic, serenity & creativity stealing... things into my home.

What am I going to do about it?


It's time to step out into the light and look around.

What Do You See?


The conception of our outdoor kitchen!

Bill and I rearranged this area Monday, sat down and came up with a plan for a sustainable kitchen.
Woo Hoo!  Happy Labor Day!

I have a fantastic, creative, hands-on husband!

It just gets to darn hot in the house to use the oven in the summertime.  The drum was going to be a woodstove for the shop... but we brought it out to the yard for Mary's campout party.  So I think it will stay in the yard for a little longer.


I finally got around to soaking these gourds... 

I placed them on the porch yesterday, fill them with water and sea salt then left them to soak.
I will give them a good scrub tomorrow, then keep soaking and rinsing them till they have no more bitter taste.  Then they will be ready to finish dyeing, oil and be food ready.
I really should have done this part first.

Oh well.. live and learn.


Firestick and Aloe
Devil's Backbone

My plants have weathered a Hurricane and somehow managed to put out some new growth.

Next Big Project

I painted this side of the camper first hoping that it might get Bill motivated to move it out front.  My plan backfired ... that shade of green just scared the be-geezers out of him.

I didn't care.. it's my vision.

I wrangled Mary and a friend of hers into giving me a hand and I started painting the rest of it.

Exterior paint job done... except the door and the roof and some Green Gourd embellishments.

This old Terry camper was our infamous...
"Ghetto Guesthouse"

But change is GOOD!

The guesthouse is getting a complete make-over. 
We are gutting the entire camper and turning it into a mobile studio.
Yee Hawww!

The Green Gourd Goes Mo-Bile!

So, on my walkabout I see that I have made more progress then at first glance.

So what do I do... I put on a CD ( INDECISION  ) - thanx Craig 

I open the shades, put things where they "belong" wipe off the table finish this blog, plan a Healthy non toxic meal and make some space to sort through the "mess".

It's up to me...
I get to choose how happy I want to be.

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