Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 Day Weekend

My head knows it is Tuesday... but man oh man, does it ever feel like a Monday.

It has been a bizarre 5 day weekend...  a hurricane, a weekend, a holiday and then everyday happenings!  The last couple days have been absolutely beautiful here on the Outer Banks. 
Not quite the window opening days as I heard it was for my neighbors a little further north.

But, cool just the same.
I spent the entire day outdoors with my husband... while my daughter played with a friend.
I soaked it all in.

Today however, I am finding it difficult to motivate. 

So, I will be patient with myself...

and allow my day to unfold.

Doll Hat 

I gave this guy the finishing touch this morning and put the other tassel on.   Hopefully I will be uploading it to my etsy shop... sometime soon.

A Matching Set

I considered making some mittens but realized that for this size, it may just be a tad difficult.

Underwater Sisters

I absolutely LOVE this line!

Heather Ross


I am in big trouble now...

I have been exposed to the addictive allure of designer fabric.
If my compulsive nature were not already stretched to the limits with fabric & fiber in general ...

So, I go out looking for ANYONE that may have any of this "out of print"
Heather Ross, Underwater Sisters - Mendocino Collection. 


Did I mention that I loved this?

And low and behold...
where do I find it?  My own shopping grounds...
I am so excited that I guess I am just not paying any attention... I look at the prices and think to myself... "Wow, this sure is an awesome price.  I better jump on it before it is gone."
Well, it just goes to show how out of my league I was...
I had no idea and didn't even pay it any mind.  I simply "ass-u-me-ed" the price was per yard.

So, anxiously I await my parcel.  Thinking how fortunate I was to find such a wonderful deal.  Which I am still happy to say that I am fortunate.

Now, the day before Hurricane Earl was to hit my package arrives.  Mary comes running up the driveway saying... "Mom, you got something".
When she hands it to me I am a bit confused by such an envelope.
This couldn't be the package I was waiting for...
I had bought 5 yards of fabric.

But, on closer inspection of the envelope I see  that ... indeed it IS my expected parcel.
I begin wondering why such a small envelope... were these swatches? 
What was going on? 
When I opened it I found five small individual pieces of my long awaited fabric inside a zip-lock bag, my heart sank.

There must have been a mistake or someone has really taken me for a ride.

Now, I gotta tell you...
It was difficult talking Bill into allowing me to spend $50 on fabric... and difficult for me to justify it when I thought I was getting 5 yards.
Let's not even go into shipping costs.
Lawdy, Lawdy... I just wanted to bury my head in the sand.

"A Fat Square"

Who knew?
Not me!

"A Fat Dummy" is what I felt like.

Now, Earl has come and gone and we have made it through to the other side. 
And I can honestly say that I do not regret my purchase.  My ego is bruised a tad and my purse is somewhat lighter... but I am happy to be the proud owner of my "underwater sisters".  I am wiser and inspired in a way that I may not have been if I had not made this particular choice.

On a deeper search for my "sisters"  my eyes have been opened to another possible path.

Dream Big!
Anything is possible!

Who knows... I may have my own line of designer fabrics coming out soon.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Thank You!

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