Friday, September 10, 2010


Remember This?

It was difficult for me to put this out there at first. 
However, this is me.
I know that everyone has something they would rather the world not see.
It could be a closet,  a cabinet,  a drawer, a sketch book, an eighties photo, a family member, or a poor decision  that we would like to keep out of sight and mind.

Heck... they all may apply.

It has been my experience that holding on to these things is what keeps me bound in my struggle.
It is in my sharing that I am released and find myself in the presence of God.

Once I become willing...
 the rest becomes easier with trust and faith.

See Ya

Now the clutter is gone...

and NO...

I didn't stick everything inside the cabinets!


Only thing under here are a lot of my old Mother Earth New Magazines and the Game Cube Mary never uses.  I am trying to talk her into putting it on Craigslist or Free-cycle.

I know that I can get the mags on CD now... but old habits die hard.  It took me forever just to give up tapes and vinyl to get a CD player.

It may take a while.

Baby Steps Right?

Ta Da!

I put this wash basin & pitcher on the dry sink...
it seemed appropriate.

I was given the basin & pitcher when my aunts were cleaning out my grandmother's house.
Now it has a new home.

And in the case anyone notices the Wii and thinks it seems a bit out of place here.

The truth is...

 we use it to watch TV & surf the net ...


Uggg... it still sends a shiver up my spine.

Some of this was left-over from the studio makeover, things that never were gone through or given a permanent residence.  
A new pit stop.
Sadly though, most of it was unsorted mail and bills.


Much better!

I sorted everything and Bill helped me go through the bills and junk mail Wednesday night.
So much of this paper billing is unnecessary since the majority of it gets done online.

I could try and blame this on the folks who I owe, however the reality is ...

the greater portion of them ,do offer paperless billing.  I have chosen to still receive the bills.

Yes, I know...

I will have to work on becoming "willing" to let that go.

Fear can sneak back into your life in the most peculiar places.

In the meantime..

I continue with my baby steps.

What's that saying...

"Progress not Perfection"

Now, this is what the funny part of all this is.
I know that a lot of the bill stuff is the fear of money.  It's me giving into the illusion that money is some how more important and more powerful than God.

I call it my spiritual "butt"

"I know God can do all things, buuuuuuuuuuut........"


silly really.
But as I have said in earlier posts... I am a forgetful vessel.  I need constant reminders.

When we were going through the "bills", I came across an unfamiliar sender...
I  open it reluctantly, with a touch of dread.

But, when I open it ... it is a check!
A $10 check
I know it isn't the lottery...

but it wasn't a bill & it wasn't expected.
"baby steps"

Soon I will be running and leaping!

A New Line

This is another cleaning product using the ingredients that came from Raleigh Briggs Book

Make Your Place: Affordable & Sustainable Nesting Skills

Love it!

There are many books like this out there and I am sure they are equally good.
This just happens to be the one I have, use and LOVE!

A Found Treasure

This was made in my daughter's art class for the use in the outdoor classroom last year.  
Cool sketch pad!  Way to go Mrs. Wise!

Strength & Hope

In the past 48 hours I have gone through some of the clutter in my home and visited with one of my siblings.
And during that process I came across a few things that had gone
MIA over the past few years.

They seem a bit worse for wear..
however they are what they are,
my Willow Angels

Strength & Hope

I still don't know where Hope's arms are...
maybe they will turn up eventually.

Still Intact

Love & Marriage, Love for Child, Serenity and my Faith (still half full)

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

A honey jar that we received as a gift has a new purpose.

This is another one of those things I wish that I didn't have to admit to...

I wish I could say that I never raise my voice or get angry.
However, even Jesus had his moments on Earth.

Screaming however, is not something that I am comfortable listening to or partaking in.

So we now have a

"Scar Jar"

When anyone raises their voice in anger or makes an ugly comment, they have to put 25 cents in the jar.

Let's see how this goes.  So far things seem to be a bit quieter around the house.

How's This For an 80's Photo

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Love it. I love the photo with Meema's stuff:) Debbie, you're rockin' it. Keep on keepn on;)