Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Surfing Again

Last week was a blurr...
VBS all week, a blow-out going 60 mph, 105 degree temps outdoors, Mary ran a fever almost as high as the temperatures outside, and then my internet was off so there was not surfing for me.

Well on the Etsy Favorites post last week,
I mentioned a crucifix that I would try and get a picture of if I could.
Well this it the best I could do.




This crucifix hung in the church I use to attend with my mother and family when they all lived  here on the Outer Banks.  
I have many memories in this church.
I remember standing in the parking lot or on the porch with speakers blaring the Mass on summer mornings when the church was over flowing with beach vacationers.

Unfortunately the most prominent memory in this building was the day of my mothers memorial service.  It was probably the single most painful day of my life.
Since my mother died in Norfolk, Va (back then the nearest hospital was 1.5 hours away) and was going to be buried in Richmond, Va the next day... I was told that her body wouldn't be at the memorial service on the beach.  
However, when we walked into the little church  there in the center of the church was a big wooden box with what use to be my mom.
No way did I want to see her like that.
My 11 year old sister writes this heart wrenching poem about our mom and wanted to read it.
But when it was time for her to read it...
my sweet little sister couldn't go through with it.
So big sister was forced to get up in front all those people ...
raw, angry and reading the farewell words of an 11 year old daughter.
There wasn't a dry eye in the place by the time I was half way through that poem.
This was also the last time I would ever step foot into that church again.

In June of 1998 nine years after my mother's death, a fire destroyed the church.
It was thought to be arson but never proven.
A larger parish was in the works but only in the drawing board stage.
This was a great loss to the catholic community.
However, within the ashes arose an image that in my opinion is the most beautiful interpretation of the Lord's crucifixion .
To this day it still moves me when I see it.

I absolutely LOVE
that the church saved the burnt crucifix and preserved it.
The glass case makes it a little difficult to get a good photograph but , I think you get the "picture".
You have to see it in person to really get the full power of this image.

Dish Cloths

 or maybe washcloths?

I have been keeping my hands busy with a few more projects.
One of the projects I was working on were these knitted cloths.
I had planned on making a set of three to sell.  
Unfortunately, some coffee spilled on the white yarn.
I suppose I have some new washcloths.

Gotta Go

Remember when I said in an earlier post that there was a BIGGER story...
well here it is...

we are finally selling our home.
Actually it is the lots being sold... 
because the folks who want our house, only want it for the land.

They want to take it down and put in a parking lot.
Bill made up his mind 
made his move.

Some of you may already know this, but for those of you who don't ...

Our home sits smack dab in the middle of an industrial park.
One of the last hold outs you might say!
Our little oasis sits squarely in the center of one of the only "industrial parks" on the island.
So the property is sought after for commercial use.

When Bill first bought this property,
it was never intended to become a home for a 

It was an investment...
he didn't see me coming... and certainly not a "family".

This is HUGE for us!

Even though our little house has been one of those things that I have complained about for years...
it has been my home.

and a Home is not always easy to come by.

As a child I moved around a lot.
Never really putting down any roots, constantly having to say good-bye to friends.

I suppose this says a lot about the kind of person I am now.
It certainly explains why I would feel comfortable in a transient community.
At least at first.

But this HOME...
I have lived here longer than anywhere in my entire life.

So, even though I am absolutely thrilled 
... I am also terribly sad to say farewell.

It isn't a done deal yet but the wheels...
they are a turning.


The last couple years have been ruff seas for us, as I am sure it has been for a lot of you also.

We have hung on for dear life and made it through some really tuff spots.  And even though it seems as if things are beginning to make a turn for the better.  It can't be soon enough for us.
We are hanging on by our teeth.

Bill and I finally had that come to Jesus talk...
how long do we want to struggle and "get by"
& when do we LIVE?

What are we waiting for?
"What if tomorrow never happens man?"
~ Janis

We don't want to be a slave to debt anymore.

Interest and debt will be the fall of our society... and we are getting out while the gettin is still good!

So you might ask...
where will you go?

And the answer is anyone's guess.
It will all depend on when we sell, and how much we get.

We are pretty sure that we want to put down roots in the mountains of Virginia.

We are looking in a few different areas...
Floyd Co. is our first pick
but we really aren't too picky.

We only have a few MUST HAVES.

At least 10 acres, a water source on site (spring, creek or pond) & some good pasture.

Looks like I might just get that farm a little sooner than I had dreamed.

Mary has already started giving away her stuffed animals and some of her other toys and packing up boxes.  She made Bill go to the liquor store to pick her up some boxes to pack.  I thought he was going to faint when she asked him to take her to the liquor store.

But then Bill started to surf in her wake.
He started cleaning his shop.
He then started to gather all that scrap metal he had laying around for all those
"someday" projects.
He put it in the back of the truck and we made a trip to the scrap yard.
WOW, if I knew that would be so lucrative...
we would have done that sooner!

Once he started to declutter...
he got a little creative too and busted out a few of his hair sticks.

Teak and Holly

I will get these up on my Etsy shop hopefully tomorrow.

Then I got caught in his wake and began to clean up my studio.
That beautiful make over my studio got, didn't stay neat and tidy long.  
It turned into a super sonic mess.
I got a lot of it cleaned up and reorganized.
Maybe now I will be even more motivated to finish up some more projects.

Hippy Birthday!

Mary had a birthday party to go to today and the theme was 70's, Hippies and Peace Signs.  Everyone was supposed to show up all decked out.
The scary thing is...
she pulled everything from my closet or drawers!
Mary got a little crafty herself and made the belt from some leather and wooden beads...
That's my girl!! 
This apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.

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