Thursday, August 4, 2011

8-4-11 Etsy Favorites

Another Post from My Etsy  Favorites.

I am getting some really nice feedback so far.  
I will say that doing this post every week is helping me focus on bringing a little new blood into my own Etsy shop.

I don't have any new items of my own to post yet,
but I did get my husbands hair pieces posted yesterday.
Woo Hoo!

Teak Hair Stick

This was 1 of 3 he made over the weekend.
2 are teak and 1 is holly

He use to get a lot of scrap wood from all the boat builders down in Wanchese.
But, over the last year and a half most of the boat builders had to close their doors.
It really is sad.

But this move to the country has really breathed new life back into Bill
and me as well.

I am getting my studio in a better "working" order and more organized so once the house sells it will be easier to pack up.

We don't want to get to ahead of ourselves,  in case these buyers back out.
However, we KNOW one way or another...
we will be heading for the country.
It just may not be exactly the way we might want it to be.

Farm Fresh Dryer Balls

I absolutely LOVE these!
What an awesome eco friendly idea!

Felted wool balls that are reusable and scented with essential oils.

Another family farm business!
I am so inspired!

Ya'll should definitely check them out.

Now this next lady is someone who gave me a kick start a while back when she gave me a shout out on her blog.

I guess she must have dropped a seed. 
Due to a drought and poor soil conditions,  the seed took a while to take.

the seed has taken and now there is new life...
I am finally returning the favor.

Rose Ring

I LOVE chunky!

Ya'll check her shop out 

and her blog

The next shop item is just too...
and soo much fun.

I think this is just the coolest idea!

Sweet Sprout Cupcake Toppers

I ran across this shop when I was looking at clay and wool dolls.  
Her toppers are so detailed, it is hard to believe that they are edible.
She is a phenomenal artist.

I picked this particular item because of the simplicity and of course the "nature"
but ya'll really need to check her other items out in her shop.
They are amazing!

Talk about an inspiration... this lady has a great story!

she is also a blogger

Once again I am too slow to the gate...


But isn't this a beautiful piece?
I know I love it.
Luckily, she has many more sets similar to this set to choose from.
And her fiber...
So ya'll check out her shop
Ya hear?
(do ya hear my southern twang.?)

Fiber Artist

This might be a bit tacky but hey,
it's my blog and I'll
toot if I want to...

Metal Daisy

Yes, this is from my own shop...
but at least it is not one of my own pieces, right?
My husband made this piece.
 I didn't really even wanted to put it in my shop.
I did it for my "honey do"...
he wanted to sell it.
I took it out of my garden and set aside just to sell.
So you see, it really
one of my favorites!

And if someone doesn't buy it before we move...
it's going back in my garden!

I hope you all enjoy these pieces as much as I do and make them part of your


Marti said...

Your blog is wonderful and inspiring. I love the items you featured. Thank you so much for including my Drop Spindle Kit. And yes, I do have lots more to offer with various kinds of beautiful fiber. It is a great way to learn how to spin. Plus I have other fibers, fiber art yarn and hand finished wearable fiber art items.

La Tea Da Designs

Green Gourd Creations said...

Thank you Marti!

Keep on keeping us inspired!

I hope to be spinning soon. I should be getting my hand wool carders soon. ooooowweee I can't wait!

I will be getting a drop spindle soon.

Thanks again for the blessing!

Sachiko said...

Thank you for introducing my work on your wonderful Blog!!! I really appreciate it and I'm happy to see another works of Etsyian!!! Tank you for sharing it, have a great day!!!