Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mother Knows Best

My China Boys

This is what my little guys use to look like.

Oh My 


Messy, messy

This WAS my pin cushion...
 a gift from my brother and sister in law.
They live in Saipan,
which is one of the 14 Mariana Islands.
John and Ro -yu brought this to me on one of their rare visits to the states.

Another dog casualty.  
Ooooh, I was not happy about this one.
Luckily, we didn't have a vet bill to go along with this destruction.
However, I wasn't willing to give it up.
Just because it was falling apart and spilling it guts everywhere... I still kept using it.  
It was filled with fine sawdust powder and left a trail of dust where ever it went.
I have enough difficulty in the cleaning department as it is... I don't need any added interference.

So, I finally decided that it was time to let my destroyed pin cushion go and move on.

My New Pin Cushion


It is certainly not as fancy as my China Men,
 but it works.
I used some things I already had around the house.

fabric from an old bed-sheet
stuffing from a previous dog victim
a mason jar lid
and some embroidery thread


 I have to admit that my knee jerk reaction was to
a new pin cushion
and I promplty began my retail serch in no other spot than

I found some really cool cushions
and even one that was very similar to the one I need to replace
(second hand as well).

I also ran across several patterns for DIY projects for a new pin cushions.

I was going to wait till my Thursday post but just couldn't keep it to myself.
So please excuse me when I give this guy a double post.
Today and then again next week.

Cactus Pin Cushion Pattern

This was by far my favorite one I found.
However, the cushion itself  isn't for sale.
It is a pattern that is for sale.
Seeing this is what inspired me to go ahead and make my own pin cushion today instead of buying a "new" one.

I knew that I didn't
to buy a new pin cushion.
If my favorite one was one I had to make then that is what I needed to do.
Make my own pin cushion.

And respond to my "need" in my own creative way.

However, I think this is simply awesome.

Yes, I will be making one or two of these little guys sometime in my future.

If you would like to see some of the other items besides this cactus pdf pattern check out the shop

Necessity is the mother of invention!

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