Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting Back in the Groove

As much as I love softball and all the excitement, 
I am a little glad for it to be all over and done with.

Dare County 

It is a lot of hard work and dedication for these girls, coaches and even the parents.


Mary had a phenomenal weekend of pitching.

The first game they played they won,
which meant they had to play a second game later that day.
Unfortunately they lost that one,
sending them down to the looser's bracket.

But still alive and ready to play another day.

There is a lot of pressure, on the pitcher (& the pitcher's Mom)
as well as all these young ladies.
And even thought these girls are "all-stars"
they are still little girls, 
with feelings, hopes and insecurities.

I think in the heat of the moment coaches and parents sometimes forget this.

4 Star General

Stanley McChrystal: 

Listen, learn ... then lead

Fare the Well

When we got home from the first day of games we returned to floating fish in the pond.
It was absolutely heartbreaking.

Some how one of the connectors came loose inside the skimmer.
Fortunately this kept the pond from emptying out and killing ALL the fish and burning up the pump.
That evening only Koi had succumb to the lack of oxygen and nitrate plus ammonia build-up.
However, overnight when oxygen levels are at their lowest
a few more koi and our beautiful catfish
bellied up.

It was a sad, sad morning!

However, happiness is a state of mind and we made a choice to have a great day.

And we did.

We drove back up to the tournament for another game.
If they lost they would be out by double elimination and we would be going home for good.

But they didn't lose...
They won!

They would be back to play the next day.

They started the day off with a 17 to 7 win against last years Regional Champion's.
This would be their 2nd loss, taking them out of the tournament.
This was a big win for us...
4 years ago our girls lost to this team
34 to 4.
The sweet taste of victory was theirs!

Next game was against the undefeated team of the tournament.
If we lost this game it would put us out and they would be the new district champions.

We won 18 to 8!

In order for Dare County to win the championship they would have to beat this team twice!
So,  we had to play our third back to back game of the day.

Unfortunately our girls were not able to pull it off a third time.

So, we had to settle for...

District 1 Championship
2nd Place Runner's Up

Not to shabby!
Way to go girls!

These gals really played their hearts out!

On another sad note...
I seem to have lost my digital camera at the tournament.
I have been having a terrible time with my digital cameras this year.

We stopped at the barn on our way home from the Tournament to let Phoenix know that we would be getting back out to the barn again more regularly to see him.

We went out Monday as soon as Mary woke up...

3:30 in the afternoon!

She may have been just a little bit exhausted.

There is a buzz...
maybe it is wishful thinking,
that we may be invited to the State Championship Tournament.

I don't know...
All I do know is,
I sure am glad to be home and enjoying the down time.

Lotus Blossom

Just when I thought I would not be able to go back out to the pond.

I am reminded by the constant beauty of LIFE!

And in case you are wondering how I got these pictures on the blog if I lost my camera,
I finally figured out how to transfer my photos from my phone to my computer.

This is big for me!

For Sale

The motorcycle not the man!

This is really big to!
Bill has decided that he is ready to let this baby go.
He built this bike from the frame up.

Some people claim to be bike builders ...
or that they have a "custom" bike...
if they can afford to order parts from a catalog and then tack them together.

However my husband is a true custom bike builder.
He actually fabricates and builds motorcycle parts with exception to some obvious electronic and mechanical pieces.

He didn't make the front forks on the bike "for sale" but he has made some pretty cool forks for someone else's bike (He made these twisted forks below).


pretty cool huh?

Gourd... jus

 So it is back into my morning routine of early garden time...
my time,
 for me...
to clear my head,
become inspired
not just making sure my plants survive this sweltering beach heat!

Those squash plants I posted a while back seem to be doing pretty well.
However, my zucchini plant didn't make it.


I have a couple more plants planted but they are still very small.
At least I got a few tasty treats from her before she succumb to the dreaded squash bugs!

It is almost time to start planting seeds for my fall and winter garden.

Black-eyed Susan

This is one of the new additions from last year.
Looking good!

We are getting back into the swing of things again.

Got most of the daily chores taken care of...
even though more later than sooner...

got a full day of classwork done with little to no argument!
This is a major achievement.

I got my softball project for Coach Dana finished,
mended my skirt that the hounds from hell ate
and tightened up some loose ends around the house.

All and all we are off to a good start getting back into that

I have to laugh...

I just checked the weather forecast
only to find out
we have our first tropical storm of the season in the Gulf.

It is always something, isn't it?

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MadKhat said...

That's a great picture of Mary pictching. So sorry about the fish, that catfish was beautiful. People don't think you can get attached to fish, but I had a few koi that were my babies when I used to raise them for my dad's pond company.

That lotus bloom is gorgeous too!