Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"The Danger of a Single Story"

What's the Buzz

Tell me what's happening...

Are you offended or are you laughing your Ass off?


 "Children's Books" and Nursery Rhymes were they really for kids or the parents?

Luckily my daughter never had any issues with going to sleep.
And when she was really young she didn't even like me reading to her.
She would cover my mouth

It wasn't till she was older that she began to appreciated the joys of a "bedtime story"
and then
she preferred the ones I made up.

When did we (as a nation) become so thin skinned?

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
"This traditional English tale also features Mary Tudor with her fierce and volatile temper. A Catholic, she persecuted and exterminated all those who adhered to the Protestant faith. The gardens in the tale were actually graveyards. Silver bells and cockle shells were actually instruments of torture (much like those used to lash Jesus during the Crucifixion). They would crush the victim against a hard surface by screwing the silver bells into their fingers. Then, they would get the cockle shells and attach them to the victim's genitals.
The 'maids' was a shortened name for maidens, a beheading device fraught with issues. It often took many, many whacks of the large blade to behead the victim. In the meantime, the victim would try to run off, bleeding profusely from their injuries.
Margaret Pole (1473 - 1541) was the most notable person who fought her execution. As she ran around the courtyard, the executioner continued to hack at her with the blade. Later, a better beheading instrument, using mechanical gears, was brought forth from Yorkshire that brought tens of thousands of Protestants to their quick death."

After being censored, the image of Tom being burned was no longer in the cartoon.


Let me ask this...

Was the censored part removed REALLY for a racial image of a black man?
was it censored because of the suggestion of genocide on the part of the
"white man"?

Chimamanda Adichie

If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.

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