Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The First Sunflower 
of Summer

Weed or Flower?

 Mrs  Pearl told me many years ago... 

" if it  grows where you don't want it, then... it is a weed."
It doesn't matter if it is a rose or vetch.

As much as I LOVE sunflowers...
I am really not to thrilled about having them in my garden.

However, I can't seem to bear the thought of pulling  these guys up.

They attract some undesirable bugs that can really do some damage to my veggies.

Leaf Footed Bug 
(Stink Bug)

 courtesy of

Today was a day off from softball (kinda)...
no scheduled practice.

However when you are a pitcher there is practice 

So we took advantage to the day off...
got a little laundry done and then took off for the barn.

Smells Like Bacon

Now, I haven't quite figured out why she has been named

Since it is general knowledge that this gal 
will never come close to any skillet...

not unless she is being feed out of it!


Well, it was just a little to hot to do much out at the barn today.

So after all the usual business, 
the girls decided to take Sunday out for a short little spin 
then treat her to a
COOL bath and Treats!

I don't think Phoenix got too jealous.

 Merry Christmas

So, I got another Christmas gift finished!

Gotta do something... 
when did Babe Ruth get so political?

An "Eva Bitch Stitch

 Oh my my...
yes, there is a story!

However, I won't go into it now.  
She still needs some TLC before I can send her off to her new home.

If only these stitches could talk!

Ready, Set... Go!

All but the YELLOW ...

We are ready to burn up the highway!

Woo hoo "Boogie Do"


I am so proud of you!

1 Down and 1 To Go

Got home from the barn to find that one of my Wisteria gourds sold.
And when I dug  it out to pack and ship, 
I found another one.

For some reason, I thought that I only had one left of the original three.

Oh well... 
hopefully this one will find a home soon.

I am really happy to have sold this piece.
It is probably one of my favorite birdhouse designs (Simplistic).
the first of many
in becoming
Green Gourd Creations.

I guess now that the first sunflower has bloomed ...
I can finally finish the sunflower birdhouses
that have been patiently waiting to be completed.
I am once again inspired by summer.

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