Thursday, June 23, 2011


It is definitely Summertime!

When you live on a barrier island...

there are certainly some challenges.

Heat & Humidity

 Many people travel great distances to enjoy the warm temperatures of the Outer Banks.

However, when you live here, it is not always as desirable.
Especially when in the garden.
I got a late start this morning .
I over-slept ... guess I needed it.

I still was able to get out into the garden before the sun was to high.
Today was cooler than yesterday. 
 However, it was already in the mid 80's by 8am
and  70% humidity...
 the smoke from the wild peat fire started rolling in early as well.

Unfortunately, this temperature isn't the only one rising...

My baby girl woke up with a 101 temp.

Mater Hater

 Something has it out for my mater...

Fortunately I only have 2 like this.  
They are both fairly low on the plant and hanging out past the string, so this could be the work of one of my lovely ladies.

I have a love hate relationship with my hens right now.
I'm loving to hate them...

Squash Bugs

 I have been really slack...

I saw bugs on my squash and I meant to make some bug spray, 
but never got around to it.

Now look!

I don't like spraying because there is always the chance of killing the beneficial bugs as well as the nasty ones if ya don't get out in the garden early enough.
But, honestly... I hate loosing my veggies worse.

Now I have all kinds of creepy crawlies.
But, like the superheros that they are...
swooped down to the rescue
They are little assassins in the larvae stage 

(aka Aphid Lions)

They have hatched out into the adult stage now, so now it is up to me.  
Look at all those 

Unfortunately there are a lot still alive.
So, I made up a batch of bug spray this evening.
dish soap
hot pepper sauce 

and went out to spray my plants.

Now there is a much needed rainstorm washing the dead bugs and spray off.
I will check on them first thing in the morning to see how they have faired.

So send positive energy to my poor little veggies...
they need it.

A few years ago I brought in some beneficial insects.

I really like this company.

There is still a good population of  benificial bugs, but it might be time to introduce a new generation of creepy crawlers.
Organic gardening is not as easy as I wish it were. 
Add in the "sandbox" factor and
sometimes I feel like I am trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

Though I can't imagine not gardening!

Bee Kind

 Bee Happy

Just... Be

This is where I like sand.


Not my garden.

Granted this is before watering this morning but as you can see it won't hold the water too long.

We so needed the rain!

 Summer Squash

The bugs, heat and lack of rain haven't left me completely empty handed.

People flock to the beach in the summer...

But is it when I am homesick the most.
I have lived here on the Outer Banks for 26 years now

I have lived here over half my live but I still ache for the mountains.

The Blue Ridge Mountains

They are calling me...


 Ben Lomond Farm

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