Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Horsing Around

I don't know who is enjoying this more?


Apple of My Eye

I have a HUGE crush!

Passion Flower

Friend or Foe?

As much as I love this flower... the vine is enough to drive anyone crazy. I had a hybrid that I actually paid money for many years ago. I couldn't understand why it was so expensive.

Well I do now...

That hybrid has for the most part stayed exactly where I wanted it to be.

Not this vine!

This was a stowaway in a plant a friend gave me.

Now I can barely keep it under control.


Double Time

These guys come out after most of my single blossomed lilies have bloomed out.

Glad to See You

I will be bringing some of these Gladiolus inside.

A Sad Day

On a much heavier note.

We lost 3 of our young chicks and their Momma.

Ugghh, I am sick!


As I was writing this my daughter came to tell me there was a strange dog in our yard.


I am not so sure that was even a dog.

If that is what got my girls ...

I don't think I'll be catching him in my live trap.

But by the looks of him...
he hadn't had a meal in a very long time.

Dog Days

And speaking of dogs...
this shirt is one of their many victims.
My poor daughter didn't even get to wear it once.
And just when we were beginning to relax and enjoy the fruits of the new fence...
The dogs found a new way to get out...
it is the same place the fox or raccoon got in.
The once long sleeve western shirt that I got Mary for Christmas has a second chance
just in time for summer.

Not Really

OK, so it isn't really a "Green Gourd Creation".
But, it could be...
Even though the studio isn't finished, I wanted to try and catch up on some long overdue projects.
So, some mending...
and a
"Chore Chart"

This is only the foundation... I will have it done tomorrow, if I can find the rest of my fabric ...

Keeping Tabs
My 10 year old is starting to get the hang of knowing what it is that she is responsible for as
soon as her feet hit the floor.
And getting much better at doing it without the sighs and moans or me having to ask.
So, now it is time to step it up a notch...
the "chore chart"
I think she is realizing that the more she helps out around the house...
the more time for

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