Thursday, June 24, 2010

Starting To Come Together

First Things First

The first thing to come with me into my new space is my cup of jo.

No Spills Please

An important part of this make-over is to create a space that I will be motivated and inspired to work in.

So, I think it is important for me to bring items into my space that are special to me and created by the folks I love and admire.
For those who are visually impaired like me it says...
You've wipe me from
the windows.
You've scrubbed me
from the walls.
You've held me oh-so
so that I wouldn't fall.
Now place me 'neath your
coffee cup-
I PROMISE I'll sit still.
I'll be your "handy"
And maybe catch
a spill.
May 2007

A Wedding Story

The heart came first in this story.

Bill made this heart for me before we were married. It was one of the first things he ever gave me. It has seen a lot of years between then and now and acquired some nicks and scratches.

The moon and star were made from a piece of Koa wood that a long time friend sent to us from Hawaii as a wedding gift while she was vacationing.

It did not take long for Bill to know exactly what to do with this wood.

They were done before our wedding day.

Part of our wedding ceremony was to honor the matriarchs of both sides of our family. We did this by offering our mothers baskets containing items that were symbolic of what we planned on

bringing to this union of families.

Since my mother passed away many years ago, this honor was given to my "Meema".

Elizabeth Jarmen Farley

Of the many different items that we placed in each basket, Bill secretly placed

the moon and star in Meema's basket without me knowing.

I found out when she expressed her gratitude & appreciation for the artwork.

I was floored...

However, this IS why I married him.

After my grandmother passed away and the sale of the farm...

these pieces found their way back to me...

It All Begins Here

What use to only be my computer desk...
is now an area that will be used for both computer/office-work, drawing table, paint area & basic work area.

Everything Has A Place

Work Space

I am still in the process of bringing things back into the studio & organizing it all. It is definitely coming along. However, there is still much work still to be done.


Up till now most of my fabric has been in totes outside in the workshop. Not very convenient or accessible. This should absolutely help me be more productive in the sewing department and certainly more motivated.

All At Arms Length

I am still bringing in fabric. Where there once was no rhyme or reason, soon it will all be organized by color and use.

Quilts, Clothing, Alterations & other sewing projects.

Cutting Table

Because my studio is such a small space.

Bill made a table that folds down. So it could be folded down and put out of the way when it wasn't being used.
I had used this for my all-in-one work table because I didn't have another work space that was convenient.
I must admit though ... I found myself using the kitchen table most of the time. This really wasn't an ideal workspace. I had to constantly rearrange the space just to start work and then transform it back into a kitchen table when I was done. This did not work well when i needed to leave pieces to dry. I would have to go to another part of the house or outside to dry.

So when I did use the table for paint projects, I had to be sure that the table was clean before I could lay out any fabric to cut or iron. This was not always so easy to do.

A Place for Gourds

Right now this area is being used as a stopping place. Items that have no place to go yet or just have not been put away.

However, this is soon to be where I will keep my clean gourds and other items that I plan to paint, carve or use as mixed media art.

Shipping Zone

I plan to keep my shipping supplies and other items I use for my finished products. Such as clothing labels, instruction cards, price tags & other product labels.

All Work & No Play...
No Way!

After all that not so creative work...
A BEAUTIFUL day at the beach was just what the Dr. ordered.

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