Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ole Faithful

This is one of six sewing machines I have. I have 2 fancy tricked out machines, one that is on loan and one I acquired many years ago by default. These fancy modern machines do everything but put away my folded laundry. But, I must admit... the oldie but goodies are my favorite. I was recently given my Meema's sewing machine but I have not made myself comfortable enough to use it as my workhorse especially since I still miss her terribly.

Recycled Blue Jeans

My daughter had a Birthday party to go to over the weekend and I thought some doll cloth would be a nice present. So I pulled out a few of the patterns I had already pre-cut and made a couple quick little pieces as well as a couple knitted pieces I had already finished for Mary to give as a gift. And since I had everything already out I tried to to get motivated to finish them off. However, motivation is elusive while my studio is in flux. I need to just get the studio finished. All good things in all good time.

"'Never pull a green gourd afore it's ripe, or it'll witch ye sure"

Helping Hands

My reclaimed flower beds ...

they would not be nearly as happy as they are nor would I if not for some ...

Helping Hands

and I don't mean these metal ones my husband made for me...

I love you , my soul sista!!!!

Digging in the dirt does the soul good. Thank you Robin for the CPR!

The Watering Wok

After one of my woks became less than desirable for cooking, I wasn't quite ready to say "Good-bye". I knew she still had some life left in her. So we found a new home and a new purpose for her.

I love when that happens.

Susan's Eye Before the Fight

After the Fight

One of the new additions to my flower bed.

Some Pig

Ok, so Charlotte nor Wilbur live here... but I thought the weave work was noteworthy all the same.

Mary's Birdhouse Gourd

It has the "Lived-in" Look don't ya think!

Next Best Thing

Since we couldn't put an actual horse in our yard ... (yet) I suppose we will simply have to settle for the


Another Wok

So I am going to do another "before" and "after"

What a difference ...

to me anyway!

Now let's see how long I can keep the chickens out of the revived beds.

What A Beauty

My first Lotus bloom of the year. It just opened for the first time this morning.

There must be at least 7 or 8 blooms already waiting to explode.


I am inspired.

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