Friday, July 30, 2010

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Usually when I don't blog, it is because I have spun off the reel and someone needs to check up on me. But that has not really been the case recently.
Not that I haven't spun off a couple time and found myself tangled up.
However, I have been keeping myself busy.
I spun out briefly when my husband was first sent to work out of town. Then I got myself adjusted and dove into a few projects.
Caps For Bill

So, the first project I jumped into was to make a few hats for Bill. He was starting to run low due to general wear and tear and the added assault from our to demon dogs.
Welding caps are a necessity for him... to work.

This is one of the the caps...

They need to be washed to break them in. Then they should fit like a glove.

I was VERY sloppy with the sewing. I wanted to get them finished quickly to take with him when he left to go back out of town to work.

A Skirt for ME

Then I made some skirts. I made 2 for me and 2 for my daughter. Yes, they are the same... but I won't ask my girl to be twinsies...

My mom did that to me... when I was a teen ager... I didn't appreciate it at the time.
I was
"Too Cool" or at least I thought I was...

she made some dresses for me and my little sister...

and PINK to boot!

Oh, man... teens can be such butt-heads.

To the North

To the South

Not a soul in sight...

We had the beach all to ourselves.

This is our "Secret Spot"

and it is a secret for a reason!

Woo HOO!!!

Now, that is a BIG Drum! No "Puppy" here!

And I am no small cheeka...

This guy was sooo... big we had to throw him back!

It is very unusually to catch Puppy Drum this time of year.

And we were catching them all day long.

Another Day at the Beach

Yeah, I know island life is ruff...

Sea Oats

A Shirt for ME!

A Green Gourd Creation

Now THIS is really rare. I typically am making things for "Green Gourd Creations" to sell or gifts and for my family....
but never me.
The skirts started a trend... and hopefully it will continue.
I have conceded to the fact that this summer has been not much for "Work". Don't get me wrong there has been plenty of work done this summer. Just not in the way I had imagined.
I have been doing a lot of prep work... and organizational type stuff along with simply enjoying the summer with Mary.
I made the decision at the end of the school year to weed a few things from my obligation list. Not because I no longer found them important or that I didn't enjoy them any longer. But because I realized that I needed to put myself on the priority list.
My health, my family, my sanity...
my creativity!

So... this summer has been good for re-prioritizing.
As much as I think I need to build up my inventory...
and put my inventory on my online shop...
and should, should, should...
"never pick a gourd a for it's time... or it'll witch ye sure"
SUMMER won't last forever...
school will be back in before we know it, and I will have plenty of time to get back to

Never to Late to Start Seeds

While Bill was gone, I put up some wire flower baskets on the south porch that use to be on the outdoor bathroom. Then planted some flower seeds that I had.
It is about time to thin... ya think?

Finally Got Around To It

I can't believe these guys hung on for as long as they have. I finally got around to planting these guys as well as some sweet potato vines that have been sitting out on my potting table for at least a month or more. I transplanted a lot of plants into flower boxes and hanging baskets.

Second Wind

Most of my tomatoes took a beating this summer. Blite, hornworms, extreme heat
and drought almost completely wiped out my maters.
But, with a little TLC and...
extra watering's, a few have managed to come back to life.
After adding some more compost and fertilizer, my gourds started to pick back up. They too were looking rather
My "Tea Dipper"

I use this dipper gourd to fertilize my plants. I make a tea with chicken manure and/or fish emulsion... then feed away.

Seedlings for Fall

Again, time to thin...
Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, more peppers.

A Trip to the Library

Inspiration comes from the Dare County Regional Library too.

Summer Reading

So, I recently finished ...
dare I admit...
Breaking Dawn
I am a fan!!!
Team Jacob all the way.
So, I started Eat, Pray and Love... can't get into it... I LOVE her humor... but, I just can't catch the wave...
I will try again later.
My girl, Robin just finished her book
The Poisonwood Bible
and passed it on to me. So I will give it a whirl. The other book, Savvy is my daughter's. She is finishing up Rapunzel's Revenge now and will be starting Savvy soon.
Mary Elizabeth Farley Talley

This is a picture of my mother...
pregnant with my little sister and VERY OVERDUE.
A friend of the family had been offering to give her a ride in his Snow Cat for some time.
She decided that MAYBE it would be a great time to take him up on his offer.
Much to my mother's disappointment...
Labor continued to remain sleeping.
We will be celebrating the Life of our mother, wife, aunt, sister and friend tomorrow at my brothers home in Virginia at the
Mountain Style
Farley Fest

I can not wait ...
Good people
Good music
Good eats

Good Times

You are my HERO!

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