Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Dune Daisy

This was my mother's favorite flower. And I have to say that I am rather partial to the simplistic Shasta myself.


Shew... everything in my veggie patch is looking a bit ruff.

After taking this photo, I decided my poor gourds needed a little TLC.

So, gave them a new ground covering of compost.

While in the garden making an inspection and harvesting some of my goodies... I was surprised by an unexpected visitor.

I had already taken the camera back to the front porch.

Good thing...

cuz I probably would have dropped it.

The visitor was between my gourd "raised bed" and my beans

half hidden under the straw.



he was no longer living. He had gotten tangled up in the bird netting that I had used to cover my beans. I put the mesh over the bed to keep the chickens from digging up the seeds and eating the seedlings. I was getting ready to remove the netting when I found him.

My daughter was warning me that she thought he was playing "dead". I was pretty sure he wasn't


However... I have to give her credit...

this 2 foot long fella happens to be a Southern Hognose Snake

and guess what they are known for...


Playing Dead!

See Mr. Potter... some of your kids do pay attention in class.

Even though this guy made my heart beat a few extra pumps...

these are some beautiful markings.

I feel terribly that he died because of something I put in my garden. But, I suppose that the toads are probably relieved and I am glad to see the toads keep up their good work in the garden.


Mr. Hognose

Woo Hoo

This is the first year in a very long time that I have been able to actually harvest cucumbers.

Shastas & Zinnias

Time to Iron

Folks who have known me for practically forever...

should be SHOCKED to see that I even own an iron.

This was the first brand new store bought iron I have ever owned. I don't mean that in the sense that I used some old fashioned, place on the wood-stove and pressed items kind of iron.

For those who have know me ...

know that "ironing" is not exactly one of my domestic abilities.

If a piece of clothing made it's way into my wardrobe that needed to be pressed... I can say without doubt that it was not picked out by me.

I have to admit that not too much has changed over the years....

I still prefer the crinkled look.

My sole purpose for even buying an iron was for sewing and quilting.
All my irons prior to this one was either passed down to me or picked up

up at a thrif store or yard sale.

Pressing Pockets

Almost Finished

All the pockets are ironed, pinned and sewn on now. All I have left to do to finish this chart, is to put the chore labels on

and make the chore tabs which I will probably make with my daughter with dowel rods and beads or clay.

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