Tuesday, July 13, 2010


2nd Saturdays With Sarah

After my daughter cleaned up in more that one way

from her

"Toy Yard Sale"

What an awesome motivator for a deep cleaning of her room!

We spent the rest of our Saturday in Manteo with our good friend Sarah at the History Center.

After watching the documentary film

"Rescue Men": The Story of the Pea Island Lifesavers

we spent some extra special time with Sarah in the History Center checking out interesting books, artifacts, documents, photos to back up some of the Outer Banks notorious history, legends and other "Local Lore".

We really enjoyed ourselves!

If anyone would like more information on the men of Station #17, The Outer Banks History Center or 2nd Saturdays check out the links below.

Taking A Dip

Ok, so we spent Sunday afternoon with Sarah too. Mary LOVES hanging out at the pool with

Sarah and Chopper!

Monday Rolls Around

So ... I figured it was about time to actually get back to "WORK"

You have to start somewhere!

How many Dremel batteries does it take to get to the center of 9 kettle gourds?

Duno... I gave up after 2!

It didn't help that these guys were SO... thick I couldn't use my cutting tool to break all the way through the shell.


I had to come back with a deep engraving tip to finish the job.

Kettle Gourds


Martin House Gourds

These guys will eventually end up being birdhouses and bird feeders.

Bird Feeders

Dirty Job

I hear that these lowly squash made it to the show

"Dirty Jobs"

Hmmmm... I can't imagine why???

I haven't seen the episode but I am sure I will as soon as it makes it to Hulu or Netflix.

Bold These gourds were actually some of the easier gourds to clean.


It will be time to decorate and dye as soon as I get them completely cleaned out and touched up.

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