Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Still Here

It is so nice to feel like I have my creative juices flowing again.

After taking Mary out of public school back in October most of my time, money and thought seem to focus on curriculum, scheduling and sanity. I didn't have much left in reserve for myself. Logically, I know that homeschooling Mary taps into the ultimate creative source. However, I had become very comfortable in my Green Gourd Creations journey. And began feeling as if I had surrendered something substantial of myself. I think a good deal of that simply came from loosing the freedom to connect and plug in literally to my computer (I sure hope I get one of my computers back soon). But the thing that I miss most is that quiet “ME” time. I am slowly finding my way back there.
Half the battle is picking up the momentum again after feeling like I am at a stand still. You know, getting past the hurdles in my own head.

I love homeschooling! Granted, all the reasons that kept me from taking this path sooner are present. But I am thankful for every second.

I had forgotten how viral “knowledge” is. I don't know how, especially when that seems to be what self-discovery is all about.

The things we are studying feel so relevant. I suppose this is one of the many advantages to choosing your own curriculum. I am inspired all the more to be “purposeful” in my actions.

It is easy to become lost in the busy of life and forget the importance of intention in all actions.


Winter is still here...
however, Spring is just around the corner. Time to start planning for Summer's bounty.

I put my order in for the seeds I want to plant in our Spring and Summer garden.

Woo Hoo!

That is promising, I am going to try a few new heirloom varieties this year. I will also plant some of my ole faithful seeds from my person seed collection that I have accumulated over the years. No Monsanto or GM products in my veggie patch, please.

My knitting this winter definitely falls into the obsessive compulsive category. I admit this completely and wholeheartedly without regret. The knitting helped me hold onto what little sanity I have. I am now able to venture a little further away from scains and proctor.

I finished off a couple more pieces for my nephews and even managed to get one sent off in the mail. This is big, considering I actually had to leave the house... no click-n-ship. Man, am I spoiled rotten.

I also finished putting together the face of a quilt the other day. Hopefully, I can piece the batting, back and face together and begin the quilting sometime during the next few days. This is a project I had meant to start almost two years ago. I love it when I finish one of these projects, It is like opening a window in the spring ... minus the pollen.

I will be happy when I have access to a computer again. I will be able to upload photos again and not have to take two hours typing one letter at a time with the Wii. I am sure there is a faster and simpler way to do this. For this old, technologically challenged lady... this is as good as it gets for the time being.

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