Sunday, February 27, 2011

Springs IS Around the Corner

Let's Get Digging

Isn't it funny the things that bring us joy?

For Mary, it is being able to clean  the hooves of this 17h + horse all by herself and then cleaning out her stall.

Black Gold

For me...
 it's bringing home what gets cleaned out of the stalls!

I gotta tell ya, I was giddy ...
shoveling this out of the back of my truck last week.  It has been composting for over a year and it is crawling with worms.  Mix that black gold in with my compost and existing soil...
It's a beautiful thing!

Here We Go!

Ooooooh.... I am so excited!
I love spring.
A Promise Kept


Bones & Daffodils 

Thinking Day

Over the weekend we were busy doing Girl Scout business.  
We had booth sales, cookies, cookie, cookies and a Thinking Day event.  We were so busy that we didn't even get to the barn this weekend.

And boy I could kick myself for not going today.
Not only was it a gorgeous day but...

I just found out that my beautiful Tessa girl gave birth to a sweet bay colt last night.

I knew it!  She just looked so miserable when I saw her last...
It was fast and uncomplicated.
Momma and baby are doing well.

I need to get to bed early so I can get to the barn and see Momma and son!

Bee Happy!

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