Monday, February 14, 2011

Koo Koo Ka Choo

Happy Valentine's Day

That's cheerful huh?

The images and traditions that at a glance may seem familiar and secular, may need bit of research.  Where do they come from and what do they mean?

Does anybody even care?


It has been suggested by some historians that the "Feast" or celebration of Saint Valentine aka Valentine's Day was created in attempt to "out shine" the pagan festival of Lupercalia  making conversion to christianity an easier task.

the legend of Romulus and Remus

Capitoline Wolf



Pan, Mr. Tumnus?

Who remembers the game "Telephone?"

Why do I think any of this is interesting?
Well, first off it is interesting to me because it is HISTORY!

And I LOVE history.

It doesnt' matter which history book you read because ultimately they all have a common thread.  
If we actually looked deeper into things we might see more similarities than differences.
I try to see the "Big Picture" of things
and act on a simplistic level

I know that 
this makes me a living breathing contradiction...
and I am just fine with that.

The amount of technology and information out there for most of us in the "Free World"
is both intimidating and inspiring.

What any of us do with these tools is... 


Over the last few months the main source of news for me has been the radio.
We do not subscribe to any television service and I have not quiet mastered the ability to utilize my phone.

I listen mostly to NPR but I also listen to some other syndicated talk radio that have a much more conservative agenda .  I believe it is important to hear as many versions of the same story as possible.

It is my opinion that all media, entertainment or art has some type of agenda 
and to think or imply otherwise would be disingenuous.

If these platforms did not have an agenda then what would be the purpose for it's existence? 
Is it not to evoke a thought or emotion?

As I write, a couple thoughts are conjured ...

on this personal journey of
"self" discovery


seems to be  a constant....

it shouldn't be surprising to me that I am drawn to the art of spinning and weaving .

For as long as I can remember I have Dreamed of having a Farm.

Thus explaining why I have created my version of  rural, on a small coastal island
smack dab in the center of an industrial park.

I was first drawn to the idea of having a sheep farm when I was in grade school, living in a small farm town in Virginia.  
However, as I evolved and became exposed to the realities of my dream.  
The notion of sheep shifted to alpaca.

Alpacas need less area and have a much gentler "hoof-print" on the environment.  Not to mention they have those long beautiful eye lashes.

After a mortgage, child and marriage came into play, the dream kinda fell from sight.

It has only been in recent years that my dream veered back into view. 

Maybe not today...
but someday?

All things are possible!

So in my creative journey I have allowed myself to experiment...  
be inspired...
become purposeful...

So, back to my dream, my canvas...

it is symbolic to me. 

 Not too many details...
some space to spread my legs, grow some veggies, have a horse or two or three, my dogs, chickens, cats maybe a goat or cow and some alpacas.

My mother tried to teach me to knit when I was in my teens... but I was unable to find the patience and stillness to feel the rhythm that allows me to knit today.

A quarter of a century later, a substantial segment of my earthly lifetime 
I am finding my rhythm, my connectedness.

I love to knit, 
I like that the end product is tangible but why I do it is because it centers me, it relaxes me it taps into my soul, my vibration.

However, it is simply a tool for me not a destination.  The skill and technique is inevitable not the inspiration.  

The inspiration is the fiber.
The destination is the fabric and the journey is to clean, dye, card, spin and ultimately to weave.  


Over the last few months many things have come and gone.
Several holidays, a birthday, a basketball season, a dance and several inches of snow. 
(this is monumental here on the Outer Banks)

A Foal at the Barn

 A Giving Tree

Braces and Botany

A Hat for a Friend

A Quilt for Child

Sanity for a Sister

It's good to be back!

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